P16241: Autonomous People Mover Phase 3

Build & Test Prep

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Team Vision for Build & Test Prep Phase

During this phase, the team completed any GAP actions that were brought up at our MSD I gate review. The team also got started on some troubleshooting of various subsystems while updating any outdated or changed documentation.

Test Plan Summary

The customer and engineering requirements were updated to account for some additional projects were added to our scope during the end of MSD I. A screenshot of these updated documents can be seen below.

Customer Requirements

public/Photo Gallery/CustReq-2_18.png

Corresponding Document: Customer Requirements

Engineering Requirements

public/Photo Gallery/EngReq-2_18.png

Corresponding Document: Engineering Requirements

Test Plans

The test plans were then updated to account for the new engineering requirements and can be seen here.

Risk and Problem Tracking

Risk Management

The risks are continuing to be monitored and recorded in the risk register which can be seen below. Corresponding Document: Risk Register

Problem Tracking

As expected, many problems/issues have come up while working on the cart. We are tracking these issues as they arise in order to make sure that they are documented as well as assigned to a team member to look further into. A screen shot of this document can be seen below. Corresponding Document: Problem Tracker

Plans for next phase

For the Week 5 Demo, the team plans to have the golf cart completely troubleshooted with all subsystems functional. Additionally, the team plans to have the troubleshooted cart completely documented with schematics, wiring diagrams, pseudo code, etc. The goal is to be done with troubleshooting and being able to begin implementing our designs after the Week 5 Demo.

For additional information pertaining to the next steps, please refer to the schedule below.

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