P16241: Autonomous People Mover Phase 3

Subsystem Build & Test

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Team Vision for Subsystem Level Build & Test Phase

During this phase, the team wanted to finish up troubleshooting all the subsystems while getting started on some of our designs from MSD I. The team also wanted to have all the documentation up to date in order to always have the current status of the cart documented. The team also wanted to have the LiDAR and ultrasonic mounts completed and on the cart by the review. For the most part, the team accomplished everything that they wanted to with regards to troubleshooting, documentation, and some MSD I designs. However, the team was slightly delayed during the ultrasonics mounting tasks due to them not having the right thread as the PVC piping.

Additionally, the team made sure that their documentation was up to date and all of their efforts towards returning functionality to the subsystems was documented. This can be seen here.

Test Results Summary

Various tests were created in order to test the various subsystems on the cart. These tests include testing the brake motion and system, remote control input, throttle sweep, steering action point and the steering system, as well as a full controls test which goes through a sweep of all the functions of the subsystems.

Full Controls Test

This test makes a sweep across all the functions of the subsystems. It goes through and sees the positions of the various subsystems and sets specific values for the subsystems, depending on certain situations, in order to make the brake extend and retract, the throttle turn on and off, and lastly, steer the cart left and right.


A video will be uploaded to demonstrate this full controls test.

ROS Remote Control Test

This test deals with testing the remote control signal functionality of the cart with the new addition of the ROS topics that were created. This test allows the remote control to correctly send signals to the various subsystems on the cart like steering, throttle, and brake.


The mounts for the LiDAR and ultrasonic were worked on this phase. The LiDAR mount is complete while the ultrasonics mount is a 2-3 days from being complete.

LiDAR Mount

The LiDAR mount was made completely out of scrap from the machine shop, costing the team $0. A picture of this mount can be seen below.

Ultrasonics Mount

The ultrasonics mount was made out of PVC piping where the sensors would screw right into the ends of certain pieces. The build time of this mount was delayed slightly because of the sensors not having the same thread as the inside of the PVC. Additionally, two more ultrasonic sensors were purchased so this mount will now have seven sensors instead of five. A picture of this mount can be seen below.

Risk and Problem Tracking

Functional Demo Materials

Plans for next phase

The plans for next phase include:

For more information about the future of this project, please click here to see the remaining schedule for MSD II.

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