P16262: EV Team Motor Test Stand


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This project is centered around the development of an EVT Motor Test Bench to enable testing of major EVT components without the need to mount “devices under test” on an EVT bike or vehicle. Primarily this is for the Ebikes and not the superbike due to the size, risk and development costs. Team to discuss with EVTeam to refine this assumption. This includes but not limited to motor, motor shaft load device or scheme, battery, Battery Management System (BMS), motor controller, throttle, drive chain, idlers, power on/off, charger and so on. Depending upon which configuration the team determines is most beneficial, this may integrate P16261 Motor Controller project and/or potentially P15261 Electric Superbike Off-Board Charger along with other major dynamic components.

For this phase of development, this EVT Motor Test Bench will be used to test and refine electronics and software control by creating mechanical load(s). Longer term to enable testing, debugging and refining dynamic control code for optimum bike (or vehicle) performance. This Test Bench will be safe and physically small enough to fit on a bench yet large enough to allow ease in “swapping” components. Simple load motor algorithms to test acceleration, deceleration and various constant speed conditions as well as predict battery usage for a particular race. This team will be free to explore various methods to develop a test stand functions to meet EVTs needs. The first version will be kept simple to test feasibility and ability to work with the motor under test.

For an updated project description, click on the following link for the Project Readiness Package.

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Project Name
EV Team Motor Test Stand
Project Number
Project Family
Start Term
Fall 2015
End Term
Spring 2015
Faculty Guide
Professor George Slack
Primary Customer
EVT, evt.rit.edu
Sponsor (financial support)

Team Members

The Dream Team.

The Dream Team.

Member Name Role Contact Information
Ben Kraines Project Manager bjk6868@rit.edu
Eric Reese Structural Lead ear9322@rit.edu
Benjamin Grimsley Thermal Lead bsg3163@rit.edu
Shawn Falzone Systems Lead sdf3445@rit.edu

Table of Contents

Project Definition Systems Design Subsystem Design Detailed Design

Project Plan

Customer Requirements

Engineering Specifications


Benchmarking & Research

Team Values and Norms

Project Definition Review

Problem Statement


Customer Requirements

Engineering Requirements

Functional Decomposition

Concept Architecture

Risk Assessment

Subsystem Level Considerations

Load Generation Subsystem

Test Controller Subsystem

Sensing Subsystem

Bench Subsystem

Coupling Subsystem

Project Planning

Team Vision

Software Design

Test Stand Design


Build & Test Prep Subsystem Build & Test Integrated System Build & Test Customer Demo


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