P16315: SPX data acquisition

Subsystem Design

Table of Contents

Phase Objective Statement

The overall objective of this project is to provide SPX with a telemetry system capable of transmitting strain data from gauges attached to an operating impeller, to a user interface of our choice. In the previous project phase, we detailed our overall system, with the primary function of wireless strain data calculation and transmission. This phase is dedicated to designing, researching, acquiring, and testing the subsystems required to meet this primary function.

The deliverables that will allow for us to outline the design of our subsystem are as follows:

Updated Engineering Requirements

Metrics of Quality

Phase 3 Metrics of Quality

Finalized Concept Selection

System Layout/Schematics

Transmitter Schematic for Lord Microstrain V-Link LXRS

Feasibility: Proof of Concepts

Transmission Subsystem Document

Bill of Materials/Budget

public/Photo Gallery/BOM.PNG
Bill of Materials

Risk Assessment

public/Photo Gallery/RisksVisual1.JPG
public/Photo Gallery/RiskTrends.JPG

Risk mitigation tactics.

Design Review Materials

Subsystem Design Presentation

Action Items

Preliminary Detailed Design Phase Plans

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