P16318: Gaseous Flow Rate Meter

Build & Test Prep

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Team Vision for Build & Test Prep Phase

Due to a last minute change to a new actuator at our customers request, the Build & Test Prep Phase was spent doing research and redesign of subsystems. These two weeks were spent researching the Controller Area Network (CAN) interface that the new actuator uses, as well as CAD redesigns of the Cam housing. Part of this phase included sitting down and reviewing the customer and engineering requirements, and adjusting them for relevancy in the new system (pending customer approval/input at time of review). The risk management document was updated to include the risk introduced by a massive design shift at the start of MSDII. Template test plans were made as placeholders, and will be revisited in the next phase once the new requirements are agreed upon and the new systems are better understood.

CAD Screenshots

Inside Housing

Inside Housing

Top Down View | Housing with Top shown

Test Plan Summary

Current Customer/Engineering Requirements and their corresponding test plans are summarized within this document.

Risk and Problem Tracking

Current Risk Assessment document.

Design Review Materials

Plans for next phase

Currently the team plans to follow the Team MSDII Schedule for the upcoming phase. As the team becomes more familiar with the new systems strengths/weaknesses/abilities, we will revisit goals from this initial phase and update them appropriately (eg. Full Test Plan).

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