P16318: Gaseous Flow Rate Meter

Detailed Design

Table of Contents

Team Vision for Detailed Design Phase

Phase V Plan

Phase V Plan

Prototyping, Engineering Analysis, Simulation

Analysis Results

Effective Opening Area Validation

Flow Through Hole Calculations

Revised Flow Model

Seal Testing

Response Time

CAD Images

Open Close CAD

Open Close CAD

Initial Concepts

Ball Cam Top Down CAD

Ball Cam Top Down CAD

Initial Valve Concepts - Ball and Cam | Disc | Disc Cut | Needle Seat | Poppet

Ball Cam Concept - Ball Cam Top Down | Ball Cam Cross-section | ISO | Side View

Test Fixture

Leakage Test Fixture - Test ISO | Test Fixture Cross Section | Close Up

Current Design

 Interior Slice of Current Model

Interior Slice of Current Model

 Current Model

Current Model

 Cam Profile

Cam Profile

Current Design - Cross Section | Angle View | Cam Profile

Drawings, Schematics, Flow Charts, Simulations

Initial Circuit Schematic

Initial Circuit Schematic

Circuit Breakdown

Motor Hardware


High Level Software Logic Flowchart

High Level Software Logic Flowchart

High Level Software Logic Flowchart breakdown with comments

Sensor Control Pseudo Code

Bill of Material (BOM)

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Test Plans

Specification Testing

Dynamic Response

Flow Accuracy and Repeatibility


Operating Inlet Pressure

Development Testing

H-Bridge Validation

Microcontroller Evaluation

Sensor Validation

Variable Voltage

Design and Flowcharts

The Design specifications document is a comprehensive breakdown of all engineering requirements pertaining to this project, containing in-depth descriptions of each requirement.

Risk Assessment

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Design Review Materials

Phase V review outline

Design Specifications

Design and Development

Main Case CAD

Assembly of Valve CAD

Assembly of Valve Rev 2 CAD

Equation Cam CAD

Input Sensor Fitting CAD

Output Seal CAD

Output Seal Fitting CAD

Electronics Box Assembly CAD

Lift Height Sensitivity

Motor Driver Hardware

Plans for next phase - Phase Gate

Phase Gate Project Overview

Winter/MSDII Schedule

Team Self-critique

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