P16411: Pulsed-Corona Water Purification

Integrated System Build & Test with Customer Demo

Table of Contents

Team Vision for System Level Demo with Customer

Goals for this phase:


Test Results Summary

Engineering Requirements Addressed in This Phase of Testing

  1. Destroy Pathogens
  2. Deliver 1 Gallon Per Hour of Water
  3. Construct System Automotive Components
  4. Construct Reaction Chamber Using Clear Pipe
  5. Create Scalable System
  6. Provide Testing Documentation

Requirements And Testing Document

Test Result Overview

  1. Benchmark test shows system is unable to destroy pathogens at desired flow rate
  2. 1 gallon per hour flow rate has been achieved by pump subsystem
  3. Reaction chamber has been constructed using automotive components for both electrodes and electrical subsystem is still using automotive coils to generate voltage spikes
  4. Reaction chamber has been constructed from 2" clear pipe.
  5. Pump subsystem is capable of higher and lower flow rates than 1 gallon per hour. Reaction chamber has been swapped out for second prototype, utilizing the interchangeable nature of the system.
  6. Additional images of test results as well as testing parameters have been added to testing documents


  1. Quantitatively summarize the capabilities, performance, throughput, and robustness of your subsystems as demonstrated by execution of the test plan. Document your testing with photos or videos in addition to test data.
  2. Evaluate how well the test plan was able to confirm satisfaction of system-level requirements
  3. Include snapshot of testing completed to date, and include link to live requirements and testing document

Test Plan

  1. Address leaks
    • Completed: second prototype constructed
  2. Solidify test rig
    • Completed: second prototype significantly smaller, easier to handle
  3. Complete hybrid discharge tests and analyze data
    • Currently in progress: benchmark tests have been completed with new power supply, not with continuous flow

Test Results

public/Photo Gallery/IMG_3188.JPG

This image shows the results of a 1s/mL testing rate. Untreated plates are on the top, with treated plates on the bottom. There is not a significant treatment that occurred.

Risk and Problem Tracking

Plans for next phase

  1. Complete pathogen tests with continuous water flow
  2. Change parameters until desired kill rate has been achieved
  3. Complete materials required for imagine RIT
  4. Begin work on final paper

Individual Action Items for Upcoming Phase





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