P16411: Pulsed-Corona Water Purification

Systems Design

Table of Contents

Team Vision for System-Level Design Phase

Our basic system level design was provided by our customer. The system will mostly be designed for ease of construction and also to allow modular additions.

Most of our concept generation will lie in the subsystem design and testing variables.

Functional Decomposition


Specifications for water purification in Monroe county can be found at NY Health Website. Our selection of water sources will change the items that we test for.
Getting our water purified to the listed specifications is one of our main goals.

Morphological Decomposition

Concept Development

Concept Selection

Due to the proof of concept nature of this project, we will not be able to select a concept prior to testing. Rather, concept selection will be one outcome of our testing.

Our system design will be modular, so that we can interchange various electrode and reactor chamber designs to identify the most effective combination.

Systems Architecture

Our system will consist of the following components:

Feasibility: Prototyping, Analysis, Simulation

The entire premise of this project is to demonstrate the feasibility of a pulsed-corona water purification system. Hence, this will be determined at the culmination of all testing and research.

Risk Assessment

Design Review Materials

System Design Review Presentation

Plans for next phase

Thursday Oct 1: Tour Lab

Week 7: Oct 6 - Oct 8

Week 8: Oct 13 - Oct 15

Week 9: Oct 19 - Oct 21

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