P16452: Active Reciprocating Compresor Valve Assembly


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Compressors have valves that are passive devices that work with a spring. Significant gains on efficiency and wear are possible if these valves are actively controlled (limiting impact velocities, etc.). The design, build, and test an active compressor valve assembly is necessary to investigate different technologies that can be used to actuate the valve under the appropriate conditions (speed, temperature, pressure, etc.). Similar technology was developed not long ago in 2007 by the Southwest Research Institute (SWI) by Dr. Klaus Brun (http://www.swri.org/9what/releases/2007/plateval.htm) where the individual valves were attached to a plate that was driven by an electromagnetic actuator.

The goal of the project is to design and build an active reciprocating compressor valve assembly that controls when to release air from the compressor. The demonstration will require instrumentation to prove the design is meeting reciprocating compressor like specifications. A portion of the proposed project is to investigate this work to determine is current standing and to identify open issues. The end result must budget $5,000, shop air will be needed to provide pressure to the cylinder and Labview will be used to collect relevant data. Since an electromagnetic or piezo solution would be too expensive students need to design and build the actuation system if that technology is chosen.

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Project Name
Active Reciprocating Compressor Valve Assembly Design
Project Number
Start Term
Fall 2015
End Term
Spring 2016
Faculty Guides
Bill Nowak / Jason Kolodziej
Primary Customer
Jason Kolodziej
Sponsor (financial support)

James Sorokes

Dresser-Rand Olean

Dr. Kolodziej

Bill Nowak


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Team Members

Left to right Ian Nanney, Bob Osborn, Negar Salehi, Keith Leung, Christoper Reynolds

Left to right Ian Nanney, Bob Osborn, Negar Salehi, Keith Leung, Christoper Reynolds

Member Role Contact
Robert Osborn Mechanical Engineer rwo7452@rit.edu
Negar Salehi Mechanical Engineer nxs5086@rit.edu
Christoper Reynolds Electrical Engineer cjr8734@rit.edu
Keith Leung Electrical Engineer kml9839@rit.edu
Ian Nanney Mechanical Engineer isn2479@rit.edu

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