P16453: Loading, Measurement, Control, and Test of a Journal Bearing Test Platform

Subsystem Design

Table of Contents

Team Vision for Subsystem-Level Design Phase

Plans for the subsystem design phase included:

-Select Final Design for Backlash Elimination

-Investigate Oil Flow Characteristics

-Machine and Test Additional Bearings

-Reintroduce Moog EMAs into our system

-Full Disassembly of Test Rig

Of our available options, we utilized several iterations of Pugh Analysis to decide on a final design for backlash elimination. We’ve decided to go with a pre-loaded spring applying a median 1000 lbs. of force to the system, as well as a pin redesign to make the system more user-friendly. This should also benefit the machine operator when needing to frequently disassemble the test rig. We are still in the process of investigating oil flow characteristics pertaining to journal bearings. We have very rudimentary calculations available, but more research will be going into determining critical parameters and more fundamental equations. We were fortunate enough to have been given additional bearings from a previous team, so redesigning them will be unnecessary. However, they will still need to be machined for our particular parameters. The EMAs were returned from Moog, and were integrated back into the rig setup. We’ve done some basic exercises in moving the EMAs, but have not successfully mimicked the compressor load profile as of now. We were able to disassemble the rig partially, but due to time constraints, the rig will be reassembled at a different time.

Feasibility: Prototyping, Analysis, Simulation

Oil Flow Preliminary Calculations

Pre-Load System Preliminary Calculations

Handwritten calculations can be found here.

The static equations were as follows:

public/Detailed Design Documents/StaticAnalysis.JPG

And the following equations were used to determine the critical values below:

public/Detailed Design Documents/SingularityFunctions.jpg

Concept Selection

Bill of Materials (BOM)

public/Photo Gallery/PreliminaryBOM.JPG

Risk Assessment

The risk assessment document can be found here.

Design Review Materials

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