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Much of the Breadfruit harvested in Borgne, Haiti is wasted due to its extremely short shelf life of 1-3 days. This waste can be prevented by converting the fruit into flour. This process currently utilizes three steps: shredding the fruit, drying it, and grinding it down into flour. A previous senior design group (P15482) has successfully created a shredder, and the fruit will be dried outside using existing methods in Borgne. The cooperative of local farmers now needs a grinder prototype to process their breadfruit crops and sell the resulting flour for profit.

Breadfruit and cross-section

Breadfruit and cross-section

Peeled, pitted and sectioned breadfruit sample

Peeled, pitted and sectioned breadfruit sample

The grinding step has been attempted by two other design groups. A team from the University of Michigan attempted to create a grinder prototype, but experienced issues:

  • hand crank was extremely hard to turn
  • a bucket was used as collection unit - was not sturdy
  • rollers tended to slide out of place during operation
Michigan hand crank prototype

Michigan hand crank prototype

An MET design team from RIT also created a grinder that was more useful by using bike power. However:

  • the grinder did not have sufficient capacity
  • the collection unit was insufficient
  • the grinding mechanism often became clogged.
RIT MET bike-powered prototype

RIT MET bike-powered prototype

The end goal of this project is to produce a functional, user-friendly breadfruit grinder prototype to reduce food waste for an area with a primarily agricultural economy. The grinder must:

  • use human power instead of relying on electricity or fuel
  • be made from inexpensive yet resilient parts
  • be composed of food safe materials
  • be capable of producing consistent flour grain size output

For a more detailed project description, please see the Project Readiness Package.

Project Name
Breadfruit Flour Grinder
Project Number
Project Family
Sustainable Technologies for the Global Marketplace
Start Term
Fall 2015
End Term
Spring 2016
Faculty Guide
Chris Leibfried, cvlddm@rit.edu
Primary Customer
Sarah Brownell, sabeie@rit.edu
Sponsor (financial support)
Chris Fisher, contact

Team Members

Left to Right: Jared Farber, Liz Stoyan, Andy Testa, AJ NaDell, Cody Jones

Left to Right: Jared Farber, Liz Stoyan, Andy Testa, AJ NaDell, Cody Jones

Member Role Contact
Liz Stoyan Project Manager lizstoyan@gmail.com
Jared Farber Team Lead jef3425@rit.edu
Cody Jones Manufacturing Lead cdj8812@rit.edu
Andy Testa Testing Lead aat5504@rit.edu
AJ NaDell Design Lead ajn7045@rit.edu

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