P16482: Breadfruit grinder

Problem Definition

Table of Contents

Project Summary

Current State

Previous attempts have been made to create a fully functional breadfruit grinder, however these prior groups experienced:

Desired State

An ideal breadfruit grinder needs to:

Project Goals

The end goal of this project is to produce a low cost, low energy, user-friendly breadfruit grinder prototype to reduce food waste for an area with a primarily agricultural economy. This will allow farmers to bring their crops to one central location, preserve them by converting them into flour, and make profit off the resulting flour sales.

Read our 1 Page Project Summary or see the Project Readiness Package for a more detailed description.

Use Cases

Below, we've identified what we believe will be the most common use scenario for the breadfruit grinder:


Project Goals and Key Deliverables

The customer can expect to receive a functional breadfruit grinder prototype that meets all of the constraints outlined previously. Additionally, we will produce a design package including:

Customer Requirements (Needs)

We used the following resources to identify customer requirements:

  1. PRP - past team's requirements
  2. Problem Statement Breakdown
  3. Customer Interview - see Sarah Brownell's Interview and Notes
  4. Team P15482's shredder prototype
  5. Past grinder attempts and inadequacies
  6. Assistance from our Guide, Chris Leibfried


See our Customer Requirements Spreadsheet

Note: 9 indicates High Priority, 3 indicates Medium Priority, and 1 indicates Low Priority

Engineering Requirements (Metrics & Specifications)

We used the following resources to determine engineering requirements:

  1. Customer Requirements
  2. PRP - past team's Engineering Requirements
  3. Sam Huselstein - confirmed validity/reasoning of previous values
  4. Benchmarking and Research

See our updated Engineering Requirements


The environment and way of life is much different in Haiti than it is in the United States. Most of our constraints result from a lack of available resources and available funds.

The grinder must:

House of Quality


See our updated House of Quality

Design Review Materials

See our Problem Definition Design Review for a summary of the work we've accomplished during this phase.

Plans for next phase

For a complete project plan, please see our Draft Project Plan for the next phase, which includes our Task List and Gantt Chart

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