P16487: Biochar Kiln Heat Recovery System

Detailed Design

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Phase Summary

In this phase, data from conducted tests were implemented and analyzed against theoretical models. Those analyses were then used to quantify and validate design parameters to finalize the product design.

Team Vision for Detailed Design Phase

What we accomplished during this phase

Team Shared Vision for Phase 5

Prototyping & Engineering Analysis

New Coil Design

New Coil Design

Leaf Drying System

For our model, we assumed density was constant throughout the leaf system, and so the volumetric flow rate is also constant. It was also assumed that the friction factor of the pipe is representative of the friction factors in the channel, dehydrator, and chimney.Equations used for the model are shown below.

We conducted an experiment with our prototype. We took temperature measurements in and out of the dehydrator and also took velocity readings of the chimney.

Water Pasteurization System

New Analysis

New Analysis

Drawings, Schematics, Charts, Simulations

Leaf Drying System

System Model

System Model

Leaf Sensitivity Layout

We then conducted a more accurate simulation using MALAB. The pressure, temperature, and volumetric flow rate sensitivity to different design dimensions can be seen in the tables below. According to this analysis, temperature and volumetric flow rate are most sensitive to changes in the outlet holes of the pipe that go into the channel. Therefore, we will conduct experiments with different size holes with our built prototype.

Assembly Drawings Box Part Drawings Tray Part Drawings Flat Sheet Metal Bend Drawings
LS-000 (Full Box) LS-101 (Box Top/Side Panel LS-201 (Tray Frame - Front/Back) LS-101F (Box Top/Side Panel Flat)
LS-100 (Box Only) LS-102 (Box Bottom/Side Panel) LS-202 (Tray Frame - Left/Right) LS-102F (Box Bottom/Side Panel Flat)
LS-200 (Leaf Tray) LS-103 (Box Rear Panel) LS-203 (Tray Mesh) LS-104F (Door Flat)
LS-104 (Box Door Panel) LS-105F (Leaf Tray Holder Flat)
LS-105 (Tray Holder) LS-106F (Chimney Flat)
LS-106 (Chimney) LS-109F (Door Handle Flat)
LS-107 (Ventilation Channel) LS-111F (Roof Support Rib Flat)
LS-108 (Crossbar)
LS-109 (Door Handle)
LS-110 (Chimney Flange)
LS-111 (Roof Support Rib)

Leaf System Build Instructions

Water Pasteurization System

Assembly Drawings Water Inlet Part Drawings Heat Exchanger Part Drawings Water Outlet Part Drawings Support Rack Part Drawings
WS-000 (Full System Assembly) WS-101 (Water Tank Inlet) WS-201 (Support Pipe) WS-301 (Water Tank Outlet) WS-401 (Wooden Support Rack)
WS-100 (Water Inlet Assembly) WS-102 (Plywood Square) WS-202 (Heat Exchanger Coil) WS-302 (Thermostat Housing-Inlet) WS-402 (Threaded Peg)
WS-200 (Heat Exchanger Assembly) WS-103 (1/2" Conduit Hub) WS-203 (Coil Support) WS-303 (Thermostat Housing-Outlet) WS-403 (Leaf Box Support Rail)
WS-300 (Water Outlet Assembly) WS-104 (1/2" Brass Ball Valve) WS-204 (Coil Suspension Bar) WS-304 (1/4" Nut)
WS-400 (Support Rack Assembly) WS-105 (Drinking Water Hose) WS-305 (1/4" Washer)
WS-106 (1/2" x 3" Steel Nipple) WS-306 (Thermostat Gasket)
WS-107 (Hose to 1/2" Copper Adapter (F)) WS-307 (Thermostat)
WS-108 (1/2" Copper pipe to Thread (M)) WS-308 (1/4" Bolt)
WS-109 (1/2" Type L Copper Pipe) WS-312 (Brass Hose Bibb)
WS-110 (1/2" to 3/8" Copper Reducer) WS-313 (1/2" Copper pipe to Thread (F))
WS-111 (Concrete Block) WS-314 (3/4" Washer)
WS-112 (Hose to 1/2" Copper Adapter (M))

Water System Build Instructions

Bill of Material (BOM)

Link to Combined BOM PDF here

Test Plans

Water Pasteurization System

Leaf Drying System

Combined System

Design and Flowcharts

System Architecture

Risk Assessment

Link to Phase 5 Risks here

Design Review Materials

Plans for next phase

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