P16487: Biochar Kiln Heat Recovery System

Planning & Execution

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This web-page highlights deliverables and working documents used by our team. Certain sections merely provide a link to other locations on EDGE where the desired information is located.

Intellectual Property Considerations

We do not anticipate pursuing patents or any other Intellectual Property rights. Although our customer has asked us not to display certain resources provided us, they are primarily an open source provider of methods and technological designs related to carbon intelligence.

We may not share the dimensions and calculation specifics of our final design but that has yet to be determined.

Team Setup


Phung Tran - Project Manager and Local Customer Relations

Courtney Smith - Regional Customer Relations/Drying Subsystem Lead

Kyle Bossung - International Customer Relations/Water Subsystem Lead

Kent Derbyshire - Purchasing and Sourcing

Zak Gustavesen - EDGE Administrator

Member roles were decided upon as a group and based off individual's skills and desires. Through the initial phases we have had good division of work loads and have completed assignments by assigning work equally. This means team roles are not always followed exactly. We anticipate rolls to be more defined as our project develops.

Team Values and Norms

A group discussion was held and we established an agreed upon set of values and norms. These will serve as a benchmark for performance expectations as well as team interaction and communication. Levels are scored on a 1-5 scale, 5 being the highest score which is exemplary performance. After each phase we plan to review our Team Values and Norms document and discuss any deviations from prior expectations.

You can click HERE to view our Team Values and Norms document.

Team Reflections

Project Plans & Schedules

 Test Plan Outline

Test Plan Outline

Risk Assessment and Growth Curves

Phase 1 Risk Assessment

Phase 2 Risk Assessment

Phase 3 Risk Assessment

Phase 4 Risk Assessment

Phase 5 Risk Assessment

Subject Matter Expert Notes

Team Meeting Minutes


Project Reviews

Preparation, notes and actions, etc. Refer to Project Review page, as well.

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