P16510: Reconstruction of a Wooden Common Press

Customer Handoff & Final Project Documentation

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Team Vision for Final Demo and Handoff



We now have a press!

Fabrication Update


Going into this phase we still had about 11 % of parts needed to be made. In order to speed up the process, the team outsourced more parts to the RIT Machine Shop. Matt was working tirelessly to complete various parts of batch 5 to send to us for test fiting and adjustment. The machine shop worked in conjunction with matt to create the parts and send to mat for final blackening and "authentication."

Below is a n example photo of a the platen plate that was fabricated using a mill and CNC, then sanded, filed, and brought to Matt to "blacken". Ferris then spent many hours filing and fitting the platen plate to the platen for a snug fit. Here he is proudly displaying his work!


Machine Shop

We are forever indebted to the many volunteers and workers at the machine shop who assisted in creating components. One of the most crucial compentsmade during this phase with that complimentary nut for the spindle.


Assembly Process

In order to ensure he workflow of assembly will be done in the most efficient manner, the team created a Kanban system to review the current status of parts. The chart was created with only 4 days left of the project. The team, as well as volunteers from the machine shop, and student engineers worked tirelessly to complete the necessary components to assembly.


On Thursday December 8th, the day before the unveiling, the team set out at 5 pm to fit and assemble the press. Students were divided, half in the machine shop and half in the library, to parallel processes and work efficiently. The students in the shop work to finish fabrication and finishing, while the other student fit, filed, assembled, and oiled finishing touches of the actual press. Due to the humility and temperature of the Library, some of the wood started to adjust by either expanding or contracting among checks. As such, the team needed to bring tools to fix and adjust into place. Once fabrication of all parts were completed, everyone moved to the library at finish assembly. At 10 am the following day the press was nearly complete for the Unveiling.

public/creo/phase5/hanging platen.jpeg
public/creo/phase5/MAArk filing.jpeg
public/creo/phase5/final press.jpeg

Progress Report


The project has officially exceeded it's original budget of $15,000. Our project sponsor has permitted the additional funding needed to complete the press. Below is a screenshot of our budget as of the final week of the semester. There is not anticipation to exceed this number at the moment.


Performance vs. Requirements

public/creo/phase5/Engineering Req.png

Risk and Problem Tracking



Final Project Documentation

Plans for Wrap-up

The press is about 99% complete with only girth straps, and tympan/frisket assembly to be installed. After that the press with need minor fitting and adjusting to ensure print quality is satisfactory. It has been determined that the print type and face meet requirement. The Cary will help the team "fine-tune" the adjustments as they are more experienced. The team is eagerly awaiting to review the first print produced my the press.


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