P16510: Reconstruction of a Wooden Common Press

Detailed Design

Table of Contents


Team Vision for Detailed Design Phase

Drawings, Schematics, Flow Charts, Simulations

Drawing Reference

Bill of Material (BOM)

Finalized bill of materials.

Finalized bill of materials.

Test Plans

Before Summer:

-Solidify a work area in the MSD room, possibly a cubicle

During Summer:

-As wood orders arrive they will be measured to verify dimensions. -As Metal arrives from GCVM the dimensions will be verified.

During Fall Semester:

-Testing leather for girth size

During Construction:

-As pieces are completed they will be thoroughly measured to verify all dimensions are met

-Pieces will also be checked for fit to their mates.

-The customer (Steve) will be consulted regularly to verify aesthetics and historical accuracies.

After Assembly:

-Measure the footprint to verify it meets requirements

-Load printer with type to verify modern type fits

-Print samples using our printer and have customer (Steve) compare them to authentic samples to verify quality

Design and Flowcharts

Risk Assessment

Current list of risk.

Design Review Materials

Include links to:

Plans for next phase

Summer and next semester plan.

Summer and next semester plan.


  • Week 1: Hind Post Assembly
  • Week 2: Receive Second Shipment of Wood
  • Week 3: Rounce Assembly
  • Week 4: Bed Assembly
  • Week 5: Hose Assembly
  • Week 6: Carriage Assembly
  • Week 7: Feet, Cheek Assembly
  • Week 8: Cheek, Tympan Assembly
  • Week 9: Assemble
  • Week 10: Assemble
  • Week 11: Test/ Rework
  • Week 12: Test/ Rework
  • Week 13: Test/ Rework
  • Week 14: Publish
  • Week 15: Complete

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