P16510: Reconstruction of a Wooden Common Press

Integrated System Build & Test with Customer Demo

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Team Vision for System Level Demo with Customer


This was one of the most crucial phases throughout the project. As the project timeline is nearing the end, the team needed to put all efforts forward for completion. The team took a trip to Harrisburg, P.A. to help complete the finishing touches of woodworking. The next week, the team returned to pick up the entire wood assemblies to bring back to RIT.

RIT University News has been following the team as the press continues to unfold. During this phase, the team was interviewed and filmed for coverage in the upcoming weeks. An unveiling of the press will be held at The Cary Graphic Arts Collection for select guests on the last week of classes.

Metal Update


Our partners over at Genesee Country Village and Museum have been continuously working hard to create the remaining blacksmith parts on the press. Due to a couple a reworked parts and unforeseen challenges, the original final due date for all parts was pushed from November 17th to November 28th. Unfortunately, the team will not be able to achieve that milestone this phase. However, this does not impact the press completion date on the project schedule.

Below is a photograph of our guide, John Kaemmerlan, holding the carriage rails and keys made by J. Matthew Schofield.


Machine Shop

As of this phase, all of our machined parts have been brought to the attention of the RIT Machine Shop. Our very own 'mechies' have been down in the shop drilling holes in the cramp irons and threading bolts forged by our blacksmith.

The spindle, commonly referred to as the "heart of the press" has proved to be the most difficult part to machine within the capabilities of the shop. The 3 start, 2 inch pitch thread at the top of the spindle racked the brains of the specialist at the shop. In order for the part to be properly constructed, the head (top) of the spindle was separated from the body, machined, and then welded back together. Below is a photograph to the body of the spindle getting machined to a taper. The completion of this part, including the hardening of the tip is to be delivered at the start of phase 5.

Wood Update

Trip to Harrisburg

The team took 3 trips to visit our woodworker in Harrisburg, P.A throughout phase 4. The first trip was taken by Seth, Randy, and Daniel to start drawboring and preliminary assembly. The second trips was the entire team and an additional helping hand to scrap, oil, and finish drawboring the rest of the wood. The team arrived to the shop at 9:00 am and worked until 9:00pm. about 90% of the wood parts were finished and assembled during that time. Our craftsmen finished the remaining parts during the week. All wooden parts were picked up and brought back to RIT the following weekend by team members. The team is actively working to finish and fit remaining wooden and mental parts.

Progress Report



The project is approaching its original budget of $15000. The team has spoken with the customer about this concern and has worked to retrieve additional funding if necessary.

Risk and Problem Tracking


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Final Project Documentation

Plans for next phase

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