P16510: Reconstruction of a Wooden Common Press

Subsystem Build & Test

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Team Vision for Subsystem Level Build & Test Phase


Work In Progress


Phase 2 of MSD II has been an exciting time for P16510! The Team has received their first batch of metal parts from our blacksmith partners at Genesee Country Village and Museum. We have also been in contact with the RIT machine shop for outsourcing some of the metal that will not be done by a blacksmith.

Metal Update

We received our first batch of metal parts from our blacksmith on September 22, 2016. After review and measurement of the parts, only the hose hooks and the platen hooks needed to be sent back for minor re-work. Below is a action shot of Matthew Schofield, our lead blacksmith for the project. To the right of the picture is the finished products.The photograph was taken by a local photographer at the museum as he was creating the hose band. Matthew and his team at Genesee Country Village and Museum are currently working on the parts to be delivered in batch 2 as well as those needed re-work.

Machine Shop
During this phase the team has spoken to the RIT Machine Shop for development of the spindle. To proactively mitigate any possibility of failure in the creation of the spindle, the machine shop will be developing three in total. Above are two photographs, one of the steel billets being used as material for the spindle, and the other a work in progress. The Machine shop is anticipating all spindles will be created by end of November.

Progress Tracking

The team has created a progress tracker to visually display project development throughout the end of the semester. The tracker will help manage production of the many parts created by various craftsman on the project. As the project progress', it will become increasingly difficult to identify the completion of each part. Updating the progress tracker will be essential for keeping schedule throughout construction.

Risk and Problem Tracking

Plans for next phase

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