P16551: Observer Calibrator

Integrated System Build & Test

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Team Vision for Integrated System Build & Test Phase

During this phase, the team began integrating the separate subsystems. Alex and Tony connected the Arduino's PWM outputs to the LED drive circuitry for one set of LEDs, on a breadboard. Kevin began designing the PCB that holds the LEDs, drive circuitry, and power input. Ben had the integrating spheres 3D-printed.

Test Results Summary

Our test plans remain unchanged since the previous phase. While integrating the subsystems, no detailed tests involving data collection were performed. We hope to test the luminance of the LEDs with the integrating sphere when the integrating sphere is properly coated with reflective paint.

At the conclusion of this phase, an encoder controls the PWM output of a single pin on the Arduino Servo Shield, which controls a single LED and visibly changes the output. The team hopes to integrate this with the integrating sphere and perform measurements to quantify the change in luminance.

Also at the conclusion of this phase, Kevin developed a rough draft for the PCB layout. The PCB contains only the LED drive circuitry, and routing was done using Eagle CAD's auto-router to save time and to demonstrate basic connection techniques. Below are the schematic and layout designs completed during this phase.

First Revision of PCB, Schematic

First Revision of PCB, Schematic

First Revision of PCB, Layout

First Revision of PCB, Layout

Risk and Problem Tracking

After 3D-printing the integrating spheres, Ben worked with Dr. Dave Wyble in the Program of Color Science to coat the interior of the integrating spheres with reflective paint. There were some issues mixing the paint, and the current status of the paint is unknown. Our risk assessment document has not been updated, but mixing the paint was not on this document, and this was not a foreseen risk. A snapshot of the risk assessment can be seen below:

Updated Risk Assessment

Updated Risk Assessment

This paint-mixing incident should be added to the problem tracking document so the issue can be monitored and resolved. Issues are currently being tracked here, and a snapshot can be seen below:

Current Problem Tracking Document

Current Problem Tracking Document

Functional Demo Materials

Our Integrated System Build & Test Review includes the team's current schedule and individual 3-week plans.

Plans for next phase

Alex and Tony hope to accomplish the following during the next phase:

Kevin hopes to accomplish the following during the next phase:

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