P16551: Observer Calibrator

Planning & Execution

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Intellectual Property Considerations

There is currently a functional prototype of our design with Technicolor in France. Technicolor owns a patent to prevent us from commercializing this product, but has given us permission to develop an Observer Calibrator for use in RIT's Program of Color Science.

Team Setup

Name Major Role Contact
Ben Grotton ME Lead Engineer bsg7358@rit.edu
Zhen Zhou ISE Project Manager zxz5879@rit.edu
Alex Skinner EE Purchasing ams1662@rit.edu
Antonio DoVale EE Customer Communications ajd1125@rit.edu
Kevin Kruse EE Webmaster kmk2864@rit.edu

Team Values and Norms

Our Team Values are listed below. These will be updated as needed to further define team responsibilities.

Each team member will be prompt and arrive at the team meetings on time. If an unexpected conflict comes up, the absent team member will notify at least one team-mate prior to the expected absence. An absent team-member should confirm that a team-mate has received their message (in person, voice mail, email, etc).
Each team member will complete their tasks thoroughly and completely, so that the work does not have to be re-done by a peer on the team. If a member does not know how to complete a task, feels overwhelmed, or needs assistance then the member notifies peers, and seeks assistance either from a peer, the faculty guide, a faculty consultant, or another person.
Each team member completes their work accurately and in a way that can be easily checked for accuracy by peers and the faculty guide. All work is fully documented and easy to follow.
Professional and Ethical
Each team member gives credit where credit is due. All work completed includes citations to appropriate literature, or sources of assistance. If a team member has gotten assistance from a publication or individual, then that assistance or guidance is fully documented in the reports prepared. Each team member is honest and trustworthy in their dealings with their peers.
Demonstrates the core RIT values of SPIRIT
A description of SPIRIT can be found at http://www.rit.edu/overview/vision.html
Each team member will contribute an equal share to the success of the project.

The escalation process for issues which may arise are as follows:

  1. For personal conflicts, discussion should take place between the affected team members, with a mediator if appropriate.
  2. For design issues, the issue shall be brought up at regular team meetings or communicated via email.
  3. For team issues, Ben and Zhen as Team Leaders will communicate any progress or lack of progress to Dr. Farnand and/or Dr. DeBartolo.

Project Plans & Schedules

Ben is responsible for ensuring the project remains on schedule. Below is a high-level schedule for the entirety of MSDI.

Project Schedule

Project Schedule

The following is a refined schedule for weeks 6 through 9.

Project Schedule for Week 6 through Week 9

Project Schedule for Week 6 through Week 9

Risk Assessment and Growth Curves

A list of possible risks during this project are given below.

  1. Technical: MATLAB UI has errors, LEDs break, housing can’t be fabricated
  2. Resource: Project goes over-budget, team member(s) out sick, not enough time to complete task(s)
  3. Safety: Light level is unsafe for user’s eyes, short circuit causes fire
  4. Societal/Environmental: Project files corrupted/lost, equipment lost/broken

We identified the more likely and serious risks below to determine the proper approaches in avoiding these potential issues.

An Assessment of Our Expected Risks

An Assessment of Our Expected Risks

A link to the live risk analysis document is given here.

Other Team Resources

Meeting Minutes, Notes, & Actions

We recorded feedback from the Problem Definition Review and recorded our follow-up questions for Dr. Fairchild here

Peer Reviews

All peer reviews are done through our Guide, Dr. Farnand. Comments which can be appropriate for peer conversation are delivered during team meetings or in private. Any issues beyond this scope are communicated through Dr. Farnand or Dr. DeBartolo.


Tony takes care of all our customer communication. We check in with Dr. Fairchild any time there has been a significant development in project concept, to ensure it meets his needs. Primarily, we communicate via email. All team members are cc'd on emails.

Dr. Fairchild should be able to attend project reviews on Tuesdays at 2:00 PM.

Intra-team communication is done via a combination of text message and email. Zhen organizes this communication, and notifies team members of upcoming requirements twice each week. All team members are included on all intra-team communication to ensure everyone is on the same page.

Project Reviews

Our Problem Definition Review slides can be found here.

Our Systems Design Review slides can be found here.

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