P16551: Observer Calibrator

Subsystem Build & Test

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Team Vision for Subsystem Level Build & Test Phase

During this phase, the team began building the various subsystems separately. Ben began working on the housing, Alex and Tony worked on using the encoder to control the Arduino's PWM output, and Zhen purchased a stand for the Observer Calibrator. The team identified key issues while building and integrating these subsystems.

Test Results Summary

Our test plans have not recently been updated. While building the subsystems, no detailed tests involving data collection were performed. Most of the tests require luminance testing, and the team was not prepared to test any luminance levels yet during this phase. Instead, more boolean tests were performed. That is, the only output of the "test" was the determination whether something works or not.

Alex and Tony worked on using the encoder to control the Arduino's PWM pins. While building and testing this, they realized the Servo Shield does not have the same package support that the Arduino Due has. This has been identified in the Problem Tracking below.

Risk and Problem Tracking

Our live risk assessment document can be found here. A snapshot can be seen below:

Updated Risk Assessment

Updated Risk Assessment

As previously mentioned, Alex and Tony identified some issues in controlling the PWM Servo Shield with the encoder, mainly due to the lack of MATLAB package support for the Servo Shield. Issues are currently being tracked here, and a snapshot can be seen below:

Current Problem Tracking Document

Current Problem Tracking Document

Functional Demo Materials

Our presentation slides for the Subsystem Build & Test Review can be found here.

Plans for next phase

Alex and Tony developed a 3-week plan as follows:

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