P16590: Low-Cost Fundus Camera 2

Detailed Design

Table of Contents

Mechanical Base

Measurements were taken on the mechanical base, and drawings designed to make an attachable mount for the finalized product. The drawings used to print this part are as follows:

Rail Stand (.ipt file)

Rail Stand (.stl file)

Mount (.ipt file)

Mount (.stl file)

This can be 3D printed and attached to the completed design.


Using coaxial light system. A donut type aperture is needed to focus the light onto the retina without getting reflections off the iris and cornea. The design as detailed in the research paper is being used as a baseline, and will be adjusted slightly as some of the lenses are different.

public/Photo Gallery/oursetup.png

public/Photo Gallery/opticsdesign.PNG


A beam splitter will be used to cause coaxial light with high power LEDs being used for a flash. This will allow all light sources to be placed in the same location.

A surface mount board will need to be printed to hold the LEDs. A drawing of the board and its circuitry is included below.

public/Photo Gallery/boardcircuitry.jpg


The architecture as previously designed up will be used.

public/Photo Gallery/softwarearchitecture.png


The casing designed by our industrial design team member will be used as a baseline for the casing of the system.

Drawings (.STL file) Drawings (.SLDPRT file)

Bill of Materials

public/Photo Gallery/billofmaterials.jpg

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