P16590: Low-Cost Fundus Camera 2

Integrated System Build & Test

Table of Contents

Mechanical Base

The part to attach the casing to the base was succesfully 3D printed. It is shown below individually and inserted into the base. This piece can be screwed into or secured in another fashion to the case once the entire design is completed.

500 px

500 px

Optics & Illumination

All of the lenses are on hand. They are being setup to ensure they can acquire an image. They will then be adjusted to gain the appropriate magnification and field of view. public/Photo Gallery/opticssetup.jpg

public/Photo Gallery/eyecapture.jpg

The LEDs are all on hand and prepared. The surface mount board will need to be printed, then it can be used to provide illumination with the LEDs.

--Image of optics & illumination combined-- --Video of setup capturing an image?--


After struggling to replace a broken ODROID, the ODROID was sucessfully started up with an operating system running on it.

public/Photo Gallery/odroidworking.png

Software development continues, and the GUI is coming together.

public/Photo Gallery/GUIMockup.jpg

The software will be able to control all of the system components

--video using software to initiate flash/capture image--


Once all the other areas are finalized the casing can be adjusted to account for final measurements and be created. A cardboard mock up was created in order to simulate the space requirements the case might take up, as well as get a feel for how user interaction may occur.

Image:/public/Photo Gallery/casing.jpg

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