P16590: Low-Cost Fundus Camera 2

Planning & Execution

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The schedules for each phase during MSD1 are shown during the respective phases. The schedules had difficulty being followed due to a number of delays which caused difficulty in completing the design, so the design was being worked on still while building pieces.

Project Reviews


System Level Review

SubSystem Review

Mechanical Subsystem Review

Preliminary Design Review

Detailed Design Review

SME Review


Initial Plan Review

Plan Review - 02/11/2016

Fundus Camera Review - 03/15/2016

Fundus Camera Review - 04/19/2016

Performance vs. Requirements

Fundus Camera - Final Handoff

Reference Papers & Notes

Construction of an Inexpensive, Hand-Held Fundus Camera...(Tran, et. al.)

Notes on Optics with Ted Kinsman

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