P16602: Glass Cutting Machine Wire Supply, Movement and Takeup

Week 2 Design Review

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Team Vision for Build & Test Prep Phase

Our Vision for this phase was to perform a MSD I Post Mortem, create intial test plans, prepare for the next phase and look at the end state for our project.

Vision for ImagineRIT

Best Case Scenario

The team will demonstrate our working wire movement fixture. This will include the spool motors moving to the appropriate speed and indexing profiles. This includes getting to the desired velocity and then being able to slow down and change direction accordingly without breaking the wire. The controls for the spools will be interfacing with the feedback from the guide roller team’s motors and will be able to adjust to them accordingly. Mechanically, the guide roller system will not be integrated. We will also prove that the spool motor speed will respond to the movement of the dancer subsystem. Along with our demonstration, we will display our team poster on our table which further explains the background of the project, features, and any test or simulation results.

Moderate Case Scenario

We will demonstrate that our spool motors are moving appropriately, but are not able to interface with the guide rollers motors or our dancer system. All of the mechanical sub-systems in our fixture (spools, dancer system, traversing pulley) demonstrate functionality when isolated from the rest of our fixture. We will provide a poster that will explain the background of our project, features, and any test or simulation results.

Elevator Speech

Our senior design project is a fixture that will be part of a glass cutting machine that we are designing and building for Glass Fab, a local company in Rochester. This fixtures purpose is to control and guide the wire movement while maintaining the proper tension. This fixture consists of two spools, two guide pulleys, two dancer pulleys, and two traversing pulleys. The system can be broken up into two sides; the take-up side and the supply side. Each has a motor that is interfacing with their respective guide rollers in order to match speeds and prevent wire breaks in the end state machine. This is done through the use of the two dancer systems which use air pressure to account for too little or too much travel in the wire. A position sensor is mounted to this system and provides feedback so that its corresponding spool motor can make an adjustment on the fly. The two traversing systems use a dual acting air cylinder and are responsible for wrapping the wire evenly on the spool.

Team Vision for Week 5

Our vision for week five is to:

Project Current State

The project BOM has been updated to reflect the current status of the project and the status for all the components required for the project build.

Click here for a PDF of the BOM.

Click here for the updated BOM file.

The Team will continue to use a gantt chart to track progress as the team transitions from the design portion of the project to the build & testing portions of the project.
public/Build and Test Prep/Project Plan_121215_3.JPG
For a more detailed project plan, please click here.

MSD I Post Mortem Evaluation

Areas for Improvement

  1. Equal work distribution
  2. Better team communication and awareness
  3. More work collaboration
  4. Clear planning and team goals


  1. Organized and up to date task list using Asana team project tracking app
  2. Hold brief team meetings at the beginning of each class to update each other on individual project and task progress
  3. Identify times to work in small groups or pairs to bounce ideas off each other and work together toward a solution
  4. Updated project plan and weekly team goals kept and tracked to ensure clear design, build and test scheduling

For the team self-critique document, please click here.

Risk and Problem Tracking

Risks for the project have been updated and the top risks are:
  1. Design Deadlines for MSD I were not completed and carried over to MSD
    • Due to the complexity of the subsystems in our fixture design is taking longer than anticipated
    • All design should be complete by the end of week 5 of MSD II
  2. Change in project scope
    • Project goals, planning, and design must change as the scope changes
  3. Uneven individual contributions

New risk added this phase:

  1. Ineffective operation of transverse pulley system

Click here for the updated Risk file.

public/Gate Review Documents/Problem.JPG

For a PDF version of the team's problem tracking document, please click here.

Test Plan Summary

public/Build and Test Prep/ER.JPG

Click here for the complete excel document of the test plans.

Moving Forward

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