P16603: Glass Cutting Machine: Work Piece Movement

Build & Test Prep

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Shared Vision for Imagine RIT

Scenarios of Readiness

Best Case Scenario

Moderate Case Scenario

Worst Case Scenario

Elevator Speech

Our senior design project is part of a three team project with the end goal of creating an industrial glass cutting machine. Specifically, our fixture is a subsystem of the glass cutting machine in charge of moving the glass ingot work piece through cutting wires at a fixed speed. These glass ingots can range up to 200lbs, and must be moved as slowly as .1mm/minute. This fixture is being developed to replace an existing machine which currently cuts high volumes of glass wafers, but consumes a significant amount of power. Our machine is designed to be more energy efficient and will be used for cutting a small number of parts for flexibility in production. Future projects will work on integrating our fixture, along with two others, into one fully-functioning glass cutting wire saw machine.

Week 5 Shared Vision



Current State of Design

Mechanical 3D Model

Full Assembly in the Down Position

Assembly of Machined Parts

Exploded View of Machined Parts

Design Change to Fixture Mount: Exploded View

Design Change to Fixture Mount: Front View with Dovetail

Electrical 3D Model

Electric Cylinder

Mounting Plate

AB Motor

public/Photo Gallery/AB Motor 1.PNG

Gear Reducer

Inline Electric Cylinder and Gear Reducer


MSD I Post Mortem

What did we miss?

What could we improve?

Problem Tracking

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Test Plan Summary

public/Photo Gallery/TestPlan.png

What do you seek approval for?

Design Approval and Purchasing

MSD II Plans

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