P16603: Glass Cutting Machine: Work Piece Movement

Preliminary Detailed Design

Table of Contents

Team Vision for Preliminary Detailed Design Phase

What did your team plan to do during this phase?

What did your team actually accomplish during this phase?

Prototyping, Engineering Analysis, Simulation

Determined Parameters

Drawings, Schematics, and Flow Charts

Electrical Control System

Network Schematic

Network Schematic

Power Schematic

Power Schematic

A PLC series was chosen for our control system. From this series, a specific model must be selected. We have been advised to explore the functionality of the model being released at the end of this year prior to finalizing a decision. Below are the option currently available. All have the option for expansion modules which will give us access to more than enough I/O ports for all three teams.

public/Photo Gallery/16603PLC.PNG

Motion Analyzer Snap Shots

| |

Questions answered by Dave Cicero:

  1. Do we need distance/velocity sensors in addition to the feedback being provided by the linear actuator?
    • No, the feedback provided by the actuator should be reliable
  2. Would you suggest we use over travel switches?
    • Again, feedback provided by the actuator should be sufficient
  3. Is it necessary for us to be measuring the temperature of the actuators with a thermocouple?
    • Yes, in case of over heating. A thermocouple will work perfectly.
  4. What do you think our best option is to use for the locking mechanism?
    • Actuators
  5. How do we get started with the PLC software?
    • Youtube videos on ladder logic
    • Willing to meet with us to get us started.
  6. How do we design our panel layout/schematic
    • Third party companies can do this for us (i.e. Agile, Zeller, etc.)
  7. What does the price range look like for what we have discussed? (Including motors, drives, and PLC)
    • Around $100k

Mechanical System

Assembly in the Down Position

Assembly in the Up Position

Assembly with the Box Removed

The Fixture Mount

Front View of the Fixture Mount

The Dovetail

Front View of the Dovetail

The Mounting Plate

Front View of the Mounting Plate

Bill of Material (BOM)

Current BOM

Technical Design Decisions and Analysis

Actuation System Design Process:

Fixture Mount Design Process:

In this phase we originally had two ideas for the way this fixture was going to be enclosed, the "Small Enclosure" and the "Tall Sheet Metal Box." After discussing the pros and cons of each we reached a new idea for having the extra studs for stability when we are guiding the fixture.

Locking Mechanism Design Process:

Risk Assessment

To view our live document, click here.

Plans for next phase

Individual Contributions

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