P16603: Glass Cutting Machine: Work Piece Movement

Problem Definition

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Project Definition

The desired glass cutting machine is a device that will accurately cut several blanks of glass using a diamond coated wire. The energy efficiency will allow for it to be used for low volume production and will consume less power during operation. The current model, the Meyer Burger DS 264, draws too much power, takes too long to start up, requires temperature control, and utilizes an undesired cutting medium. It is also limited in range of motion, thus limiting the cuts that can be made.

The goal of the glass cutting machine project is to define, develop, and design a complete wire saw machine. Improvements must be made to the current design to create a more energy efficient machine and a smaller form factor; however, functionality should remain similar. A functional device that meets all customer expectations and is in compliance with Intellectual Property laws is the expected end result of this project. Due to the complexity of this project, it has been sub-categorized into several MSD projects. This specific project focuses on work piece movement for the glass cutting machine. The key deliverable is to create a standalone fixture for work piece movement that will be combined with additional projects in the future. For an updated project description, click on the following link for the Project Readiness Package.

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