P16665: Gleason Hobbing Machine Force Applicator

Build & Test Prep

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Introduction to MSD II

In the time we have before Imagine RIT, our team needs to have our final product assembled and have experimental evidence that it will meet our requirements. This starts with machining and receiving components, and assembling subsystems for testing and validation. This leads to system assembly and testing and the creation of final documentation.

Things We Had Left Over from MSD I

At the end of the fall semester, our team had some issues in our part drawings to be machined by Morgood Tools, our planned layout of electrical components, BOM and schedule for this spring semester. These issues have been addressed for this review.

Items that needed significantly more work (Red Light):

Items that needed more work (Yellow light):

Items that are completed (Green Light):

Gate Review

Things We Wanted to Accomplish This Phase

What We Did

Team Catch Up and Realize What Needs to Get Done (MSD I Post-Mortem)

Updated Drawings

In-House Items

public/Photo Gallery/SlidesFinishedtoLengthPic.jpg

Electrical Components

Updated DAQ Layout:

public/MSD II/ElectronicsLayout.jpg

Test Plan Summary

Purchasing Items

BOM & Status

public/Project Management/Purchasing/BOM-MSD2-PHASE1.png

Purchase Orders

Purchase Orders

Risk and Problem Tracking

Team Schedule

Plans for next phase

Lessons Learned

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Project P16665 Work Breakdown
Requirements Definition Test Analysis Documentation Project Management Academic
Project Readiness Package

Project Summary

Project Description

Customer Requirements

Engineering Requirements

Test Plan and Summary Matrix

Test Plan Data Sheets

Test Results

Mechanical Simulations BOM

Functional Decomposition

Flow of Concept Selection

Subsystem Architecture

Drawing Package


Tech Paper

Operators Manual

Risk Management

Problem Solving

MSD I Project Schedule

MSD II Project Schedule

Values and Norms


Gate Review

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