P16665: Gleason Hobbing Machine Force Applicator

Subsystem Build & Test

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Subsystem Build & Test Phase

After our last design review, we realized that we started off on a good foot. We were able to get our pieces into the machine shop early and really get a lot of work done, especially with the help of the machine shop staff. The biggest issue going into this phase was waiting on pieces to come in. We wound up a little behind due to lead times that were longer than expected, but we were still able to accomplish much of the machining this phase.

Team Vision for Subsystem Level Build & Test Phase

What We Accomplished This Phase

Machining All Components (85%)

public/Photo Gallery/AdelMachining2.jpg

Photo of Adel machining the outer slide

public/Photo Gallery/PeteMachining.jpg

Photo of Pete machining the inner slide

Part 005 - Load Cell Block

public/Photo Gallery/LoadCellBlock.jpg

Part 007 - Outer Slide (50%)

public/Photo Gallery/OuterSlideAl.jpg

We are still working to complete the steel outer slides; however, the shop made us an aluminum slide by accident. (The drawings for the slide was left behind on the shelf and they made them anyway)

Part 009 - Retainer Plate

public/Photo Gallery/RetainerPlate1.jpg

Part 013 - Inner Slide (95%)

public/Photo Gallery/InnerSlideAl.jpg public/Photo Gallery/InnerSlideStUnfin.jpg

We are nearly done making the steel inner slides, the only thing left to do is drill the hole. Again the shop made us an aluminum one on accident.

Part 014 - Pivot Block

public/Photo Gallery/PivotBlock.jpg

Part 016 - Encoder Pin

public/Photo Gallery/EncoderPin.jpg public/Photo Gallery/PivotBlock_EncoderPin.jpg

Part 024 - Clamp Pin (0%)

After some discussion, we elected to not work on the clamp pin until we receive the clamp from Morgood, as it needs to be a perfect fit and didn't want to assume that the component will be exactly what was ordered.

Morgood Components

The purchase order for the components being outsourced to Morgood were sent out in the last week of January. The lead time on those were 4-5 weeks so we are expecting those within a week or two.

Electrical Components, Simulations and Testing

Components from Gleason

GUI and Simulations

Current GUI Set Up

public/Photo Gallery/GUISetUp1.jpg public/Photo Gallery/GUISetUp2.jpg

Current Electrical Box Set Up

public/Photo Gallery/ElectricalBox_Phase2.jpg

Test Plans

Purchasing Items

Updated BOM

public/Project Management/Purchasing/BOM-MSD2-PHASE2.PNG


Risk and Problem Tracking

Team Schedule

Plans for next phase

Peter's Objectives

Adel's Objectives

Joe's Objectives

Nick's Objectives

Vince's Objectives

Team Objectives

Lessons Learned

Project P16665 Work Breakdown
Requirements Definition Test Analysis Documentation Project Management Academic
Project Readiness Package

Project Summary

Project Description

Customer Requirements

Engineering Requirements

Test Plan and Summary Matrix

Test Plan Data Sheets

Test Results

Mechanical Simulations BOM

Functional Decomposition

Flow of Concept Selection

Subsystem Architecture

Drawing Package


Tech Paper

Operators Manual

Risk Management

Problem Solving

MSD I Project Schedule

MSD II Project Schedule

Values and Norms


Gate Review

All items highlighted in red are not yet completed.


Project Management

Project Photos and Videos

Imagine RIT

Problem Definition

Systems Design

Subsystem Design

Preliminary Detailed Design

Detailed Design

Build & Test Prep

Subsystem Build & Test

Integrated System Build & Test

Integrated System Build & Test with Customer Demo

Customer Handoff & Final Project Documentation