P16680: AATech Universal Oil System

Integrated System Build & Test

Table of Contents

Team Vision for Integrated System Build & Test Phase

What we planned to do this phase

What we did this phase

How we're going to catch up

What we plan to do next phase

Test Results Summary

Risk and Problem Tracking

Major Problems

1. Trouble outsourcing parts. Our choice of vendors is limited now because some vendors will put us over budget and some will put us even more behind schedule.

2. Wrong parts come in or parts need unexpected adjustments or accessories. Putting us behind schedule and potentially over budget.

Major Risks

1. Not enough time to machine parts.

2. Chamber leaks and we can't use the loctite we ordered.

3. Maintaining pressure in oil and air lines.



Functional Demo Materials

Preliminary Oil Circulation Test 3/16

CF6-80 Nozzle Engagement Test 3/16

Lessons Learned


Team Dynamics

Results of 3/10 Peer Review

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