P16680: AATech Universal Oil System

Problem Definition

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Project Summary

Fuel injection nozzles are tested by being attached to a holder and having pressurized oil sprayed through them. The current process is manual and involves an operator choosing the correct oil pressure and duration of spray, making the process prone to error. An enclosed test fixture was developed to make this process safer and easier for the operator and less wasteful of oil. The system is hard wired for a specific pressure and duration of oil spray.

The project goal is to modify the current system to make it adaptable to different nozzle types. The desired system involves the operator entering the part number through computer controls, and the system automatically choosing the correct oil pressure and spray duration based on preset values. Ideally, the system will automatically bag the nozzle once the test is complete. The end result will be a universal nozzle tester and bagger. The fixture should maintain the same footprint as the current system but be made mobile. In addition, the skill level of the operator must remain the same. The system must not leak and must continue to be safe. The project must be completed within a budget of $10,000.

Use Cases

This section is designed so that the team will identify the different scenarios in which the AA Tech Oil System will be used. This is a step that will help set bounds on specifications and requirements. To view the P16680 Use Scenario LIVE document, click here.

Project Goals and Key Deliverables

Customer Requirements (Needs)


As given by the customer, our task is to design and fabricate an enclosure system that allows varying nozzles to be secured and sprayed with pressurized oil determined by programmed cycle parameters. By organizing the list of system requirements given in our PRP and from our customer interview, we are able to determine exactly what the customer is hoping to see in the outcome of our project, and the priority of each aspect.

Customer Requirements Chart


Link to the live document here

Engineering Requirements (Metrics & Specifications)



House of Quality

The house of quality is used to ensure that all of the customer requirements are met with all of the engineering requirements. This team's house of quality is used more as a visual tool to check that all requirements given by AA Tech are observed. To view the LIVE document for this team's house of quality, click here.


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Lessons Learned

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