P16680: AATech Universal Oil System

Systems Design

Table of Contents

Team Vision for System-Level Design Phase

Team goals for this phase:
  1. Generate the functional decomposition of the project as a whole
  2. Decide on a finalized concept for each subsystem
  3. Understand the system architecture and how it addresses the engineering requirements

Functional Decomposition

Function Diagram



To view the team's live document, click here.

Benchmarked Items:

Concept Development

Concept Generation Table

The complete list of functions from the Function Diagram was narrowed down to a list of subfunctions that were used to develop three different system concepts.


Morphological Chart

To view the team's live document, click here.


Concept Selection

Selection Criteria

  1. Easy to use/troubleshoot
  2. Ergonomic (quiet & safe)
  3. Can be completed in 2 semesters
  4. Durable
  5. Fast cycle time & changeover
  6. Small in size
  7. Organized
  8. Automated
  9. Adaptable

Pugh Charts for Generated Concepts


+ : More likely to meet criteria, - : Less likely to meet criteria, s : Equally likely to meet criteria

From our comparison, it was determined that our Feasible Concept met the criteria better than our Manual and Tech concepts.

Systems Architecture


  1. Ensure flow of energy, info, material and structural forces as intended
  2. Define subsystem functions, envelopes and interfaces

System Architecture Mapped to Engineering Requirements



Feasibility: Prototyping, Analysis, Simulation

Feasibility Questions / Possible Solutions

  1. How many fixtures are needed? / What parts need to change? : Prototype with cardboard, wood, plastic
  2. How long will a changeover take? : Prototype with cardboard and time a mock changeover
  3. Will the pump provide appropriate pressure and duration? : Benchmark capabilities of possible pumps
  4. Which type of door lock will ensure safety and eliminate the possibility of leaking? : Benchmark possible types of door locks and their failure rate
  5. Will all of the sensors be compatible with the HMI/PLC? : Benchmark to find sensors that are guaranteed to be compatible with chosen HMI/PLC prior to purchasing

Finalized Concept

After analyzing our proposed concepts and critiquing each option based on our selection criteria, as a group we decided on a final concept for each sub function of our system using what we felt are the best options from our brainstormed concepts.

Risk Assessment

Link to team's week 6 risk assessment document here



Plans for Next Phase


System Design Review

Link to System Design Review Presentation here

Link to System Design Peer Review Group Suggestions here

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