P16701: MSD Total Supplier Performance and Inventory Control

Build & Test Prep

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Team Vision for Build & Test Prep Phase

The deliverables required in this phase were completed during MSDI and can be found on the Detailed Design webpage. The team has used the first two weeks of the semester to meet with various stakeholders and ensure the test plans created during MSDI are adequate.

Test Plan Summary

To avoid repetition, please view the teams test plans on the MSDI Detailed Design Page.

Stakeholder Meetings

Ken Snyder, Electrical Engineering Lab Manager

The team met with Ken Snyder to present the opportunities the new system could provide for his EE lab. At this time, the lab has decided to refrain from implementing the new system and will continue utilizing their current loan out procedures.

MSD I & MSDII Guides

On Wednesday, February 3, the team presented the current purchasing prototype and tool loan out application to approximately 15 MSD guides. The meeting generated discussion surrounding additional functionality that could be added to the tool, as well as issues that the tool will need to be able to handle.

Notes from the various meetings during Phase I - Build, Test, Prep - can be found here.

Risk and Problem Tracking

The most up to date Risk Assessment is include on the MSDI Detailed Design Page. A link to the assessment is also available here. No new risks have been identified at this point in the semester.

Design Review Materials

Please visit the Detailed Design Page for elaborate Build/Test/Prep plans, results, and next steps.

Plans for next phase

The team hosted a meeting with their customers Christine Fisher and Jan Maneti to discuss plans for the upcoming weeks. A detailed account of the preliminary action items for the upcoming semester can be found here.

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