P16701: MSD Total Supplier Performance and Inventory Control

Customer Handoff & Final Project Documentation

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Team Vision for Final Demo and Handoff

This phase will be used to finalize all loose ends from both a system and documentation perspective. Final adjustments will be made to the Purchasing Website, Tool Loan Out Website, Budget Tool, and Machine Shop Database based on the comments that were provided throughout the last two months of user testing. All training documents will be finalized and the technical paper completed. The project will be presented at Imagine RIT on May 7, 2016.

Project Summary

Purchasing Website

The Purchasing Website was launched on March 1, 2016. Between March 1 and May 5 there have been a total of 108 purchase requests that have gone through the system. Although minor changes were made to the functionality of the system - the system functioned seamlessly through testing and is now the MSD offices the primary tool for placing orders.


Tool Loan Out System

The Tool Loan Out System was launched on April 7, 2016 and has been utilized since. Testing this system proved to be extremely beneficial. Comments and suggestions from the MSD office caused the system to evolve slightly during the testing period. One major change was moving the scan out functionality from both the office and tool chest computers to just the office computer. The tool chest computer can now only be used by students to search for tools in the inventory. The bar-code scanner is synced solely to the office computer and the office view of the program changed to include all necessary commands on one admin login. This has helped project the security of the tools as well as made the system more efficient for the employees. The top image shows the home screen for RIT Students and the bottom screen shows the home screen for MSD Employees.


Surplus Organization

The Surplus Cabinets on the MSD Floor were sorted, straightened and organized by the team. The materials available for students were added to the Surplus Tab on the Purchasing Website to improve visibility.


Machine Shop Database

The Machine Shop Database has been launched and is currently in production. Students can now swipe their ID when entering the machine shop to provide the Machine Shop staff the capability to track the demographic that is utilizing the equipment. A snapshot of the login page is included.


Budget Log

The Budget Log has been in use since January 2016. The office has been updating the cost sheets for current MSD I students. Minor issues with macro were addressed early in the semester.

Performance vs. Requirements


Final Risk Assessment

The final Risk Assessment can be found here. From the start of the project in September of 2015 to May of 2016, the total risk score dropped from 95 to 19. The team is very happy with this improvement!

Final Project Documentation

Final Technical Paper

The final technical paper as submitted to the MSD department can be found here.

Imagine RIT Poster


90sec Project Pitch


Final User Training Documents

Standard Work Calendar

Budget Tracking Database

Budget Log Database
Budget Log Training
Technical Training for Budget Log

Tool Loan Out Database

Employee Tool Loan Out Instructions
Student Tool Loan Out Instructions
Technical Training for Tool Loan Out Application

Purchasing Website

Student Purchasing Training
Technical Training for Purchasing Website
Purchasing Guidelines
How to Barcode Tools
Training Videos
Marking an Order as Delivered
Marking an Order as Shipped
Placing an Order
Generating the Project List
Populating the Vendor List
Viewing Reports
Changing Important Informatioin

Lessons Learned

The primary lesson learned by the team was the importance of finishing the Build/Design portion early so we could begin testing. Due to the nature of the project, it was critical to provide multiple weeks of testing with us still on campus. This allowed us to watch users interact with the system and make adjustments as necessary. The team also learned the importance of documentation. Although the systems seem intuitive to us - the creators - handing off a new system required detailed documentation in case something goes wrong in the future.

Recommendations for Future Work

Plans for Wrap-up

The team has met with the customer consistently the last few weeks of MSD. Training documents and all applications were copied to an external hard drive and provided to the customer. The systems have been handed off and a temporary "technical specialist" has been assigned for any future issues with the software. A final Gate Review with the team's guide was conducted on May 16. The gate review document can be found here.

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