P16701: MSD Total Supplier Performance and Inventory Control

Integrated System Build & Test

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Team Vision for Integrated System Build & Test Phase


Purchasing Application

Significant progress was made on the Purchasing Application over the last three weeks. The application was presented to MSDI students as the new system that would be utilized for purchase orders. Multiple teams have utilized the tool which has allowed the team to troubleshoot any minor issues that have occurred. User training documents were created during the last phase and application training documents for IT will be created during the upcoming weeks. public/Integrated System Build Test/PurchasingApplication.JPG

Tool Loan Out Application

Having completed barcoding all MSD tools and equipment, the application was populated with the necessary information to begin testing. The MSD office has been working directly with the team to understand the tool and discuss any minor changes that need to be made. The tool is ready for MSD wide use. The team, however, is evaluating the benefit of purchasing a new barcode scanner.

public/Integrated System Build Test/ToolLoanOutApplication.JPG

Machine Shop Application

An application to better record the activity in the machine shop was developed at the request of the customer. The team met with Jan and Rob in the machine shop to present the application and receive feedback. The team will be implementing the application in the machine shop over the course of the next week. public/Integrated System Build Test/MachineShopApplication.JPG

Surplus Organization

As of March 30, all tools in the toolchest, cabinets, and office have been inventoried, 5S'd, and barcoded. The surplus cabinet with large materials has been organized and labels have been ordered. A small organizer for small hardware will be purchased to complete the surplus organization.

Training Documents Created

Budget Log Training
Purchasing User Training

Risk and Problem Tracking

Multiple lines on the Risk Assessment have been update to reflect the current likelihood of the risk occurring. Due to the progress of the project, many risks have been reduced to a likelihood of 0. The updated Risk Assessment can be found here.

Plans for next phase

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