P16701: MSD Total Supplier Performance and Inventory Control

Preliminary Detailed Design

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Team Vision for Preliminary Detailed Design Phase

Throughout this phase, the team plans to continue enhancing the various prototypes based off feedback from the previous design reviews. The team will be meeting with three process experts to receive additional feedback on how the proposed system can be improved. In addition, a survey will be sent to current MSD I and MSD II students to gauge guide response time to purchase requests as well as surplus utilization. The team plans to walk through the prototypes with multiple senior design teams to receive additional feedback on the current prototypes from the stakeholder perspective.

Prototype Enhancements

Purchasing Web Application

public/Prelim Detailed Design Documents/UpdateDashboard.PNG
The dashboard has been customized to show information about the number of Pending Requests for the Projects(s) the user is assigned to.

public/Prelim Detailed Design Documents/RecentEvents.PNG
The dashboard also has recent event information for the purchase requests for the project(s) the user is assigned to.

public/Prelim Detailed Design Documents/ActiveRequests.PNG
The active requests page now has "bread crumbs" to show progress.

public/Prelim Detailed Design Documents/NewRequestEmail.PNG
An email is sent to the guide and the team members after a new request is created

PICS Budget Tracking

The budget tracker has the ability now to send out emails with the team's budget sheet attached to the email as seen below.

Tool Loan Out

An admin view has been added to allow the MSD office and employees access to additional reports that will show who has tools still loaned out and the loan out history.

Process Expert Feedback

Industrial Engineering Specialists

Alec Jarvie: Optimax

Suggested additional functionality to update the class list in the prototypes directly from Oracle. In addition, suggested performing spot audits weekly to eliminate one large audit at the end of each semester.

Tim Gallman: Harris

Requested the tool loan out prototype includes a visual confirmation that the tool was loaned out / returned successfully. Also suggested creating non-admin type queries so students can search what tools they have out as an individual as well as a team as a whole. Believes sending approval reminders to guides will help streamline the purchasing form. Implementing "breadcrumbs" at the top of the web form will also gives students a visual indication as to where their purchase requisition currently sits.

Robin Borkholder: RIT Professor

Pushed the team to consider how the program could be backed up. What will happen if we lose a day of data. Also suggested a cage area for damaged tools. Potentially could benchmark a R&D company for surplus storage.

Industry Specialists


Opportunity to utilize a tool vending machine or carousel if RIT commits to an annual sales amount with the company. Received information from MSC pertaining to RIT sales history to determine whether the contract would be in the departments best interest.


Met with two representatives from Grainger to discuss their vending machine opportunities. Similar to MSC, however the annual sales commitment is less. Unable to combine sales data for all RIT departments.

In addition to electronic inventory solutions, they also have storage cabinets that can be customized. Offer the service to have inventory management specialists come analyze the facility and help organize the materials efficiently. Emailed the Rochester representative to see if it would be possible to benchmark their facility from an inventory management perspective. Have not received an email back.

Supply Point

Requested a slightly damaged machine to test to avoid signing a contract with MSC. Supply Point will not work with us, and instead directed us back to MSC.

Detailed Notes from the interviews can be found here. Grainger Notes, Notes from Process Experts

Current State Analysis

A time study form was left with the MSD office for one week to collect additional data during time periods when the team was not available. From the data below, one can see that the process itself is extremely variable.

Stakeholder Testing

MSD Survey Results

Risk Assessment

The Risk Assessment has been updated in red to reflect risks that have been addressed or are no longer applicable. The original Risk Assessment can be found on the Systems Level Design Page.

Updated Risk Assessment Excel Sheet

Design Review Materials

The following Presentation was presented to the team's guide, John Kaemmerlen, and customer, Christine Fisher, on November 17, 2015. Notes from the presentation are available for download.

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