P16701: MSD Total Supplier Performance and Inventory Control

Subsystem Design

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Team Vision for Subsystem-Level Design Phase

During the subsystem level design phase the team plans to continue developing prototypes of the purchasing and tool loan out software. Web space on the RIT web server will be requested to begin creation of a MSD specific website. Time studies will be performed to document the current state and identify additional areas for improvement. A testing plan will be created to document how the team will receive feedback on the current prototypes.

Feasibility: Prototyping


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Budget Tracking

Tool Loan Out

Prototype Testing Plan

Current State Analysis

The team began collecting data to determine a baseline for the current process. It was challenging to find a time frame when the office was populated with multiple students loaning out tools. It was therefore decided that the team will work with the MSD office staff to create a time observation sheet for workers to fill out during their shift when a tool loan out or return occurs. This will be continued for a week to collect sufficient data. In addition, the team plans to send a survey to MSD II students to estimate the average time it takes for a guide to approve a purchase requisition. These additional studies will be conducted in Phase IV.

The survey below will be used to obtain information regarding purchasing requisition guide approval.

SKU Rationalization

Field Expert Consultation & Customer Feedback

Field Expert Consultation

The team hoped to consult with experts who have implemented similar systems in industry. While we are still working to find experts and set-up meetings, we did have the opportunity to meet with John Crowley from MSC to better understand the inventory management system's MSC has to offer. The following diagram and Notes summarize the potential mechanical opportunities.

Customer Feedback

Throughout this phase, the team met with the customer and pertinent stakeholders multiple times to receive feedback on the progression of the current prototypes. Notes from these meetings are included in the table below.
Date Contact Meeting Description Notes
10/06/15 Team Meeting Discuss Feedback Phase II Review Notes
10/08/15 Christine Fisher & Student Workers Discuss prototypes functionality Notes
10/08/15 Jan Maneti Discuss prototypes functionality Notes
10/08/15 John Kaemmerlen Phase III Goals & Potential Process Experts Notes
10/15/15 Christine Fisher & Beth DeBartolo MSC opportunities recap Notes

Risk Assessment

The Risk Assessment has been updated to reflect risks that have been addressed or are no longer applicable. The original Risk Assessment can be found on the Systems Level Design Page.

Updated Risk Assessment Excel Sheet

Design Review Materials

The following Presentation was presented to our customer, Christine Fisher, and our guide, John Kaemmerlen, on October 22, 2015. Notes from the presentation can be found here

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