P16702: ABVI fabric shredding process and facility design

Imagine RIT

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ImagineRIT is May 7, 2016 from 10AM to 5PM!

In order to prepare for ImagineRIT, the team


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Overall Display

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Shown in the picture are team members Matt Babcock, Steven Walton, and Burake Taye.

Interactive Sorting Activity

The sorting activity was designed to demonstrate the sorting process that needs to be completed in the facility before the textiles can be upcycled. When an ImagineRIT patron would approach the table, a team member would explain the need for 100% cotton material in the facility which creates a need for sorting. The team member would then throw a clothing item from the pile of mixed textiles to the patron for sorting. There were three available bins for the patron to choose: one for 100% cotton and two for mixed textiles. After the textiles were sorted, the MSD team member would explain which items were cotton to the patron.

Visual Representations

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1. Shredded denim, to show the cutting of cotton items.
2. A "fluff," demonstrating the cotton pulverization.
3. Flattened cotton, to represent the flattening of the "fluff."
4. UltraTouch denim insulation, the final upcycled product.