P16702: ABVI fabric shredding process and facility design

Planning & Execution

Table of Contents

Team Setup

Member Role
Chris Haluszczak Project Lead
Kristen Hennessey Facility Design Manager
Alexis Leshko Documentation Analyst
Matt Babcock Technical Specialist
Burake Taye Simulation Manager
Steven Walton Financial Analyst

Team Values and Norms

Complete work when asked and on time
1: work is never completed when asked / work is completed late
5: work is completed when asked on time or early

Have realistic expectations
1: work load is not fair
5: everyone has equal work load

Ask for help and be honest
1: seeks help and asks questions when needed
5: never seeks help or asks questions and work suffers

Use good communication
1: not everyone has a say, always interrupts
5: every has a turn to speak, every listens

Possess a positive and constructive attitude
1: contributes nothing to group chats, is negative and non-constructive
5: contributes to group chats, gives feedback constructively

Address issues early and often
1: issues simmer and cause a large blow up
5: issues are confronted and dealt with when needed

Project Plans & Schedules

Schedule will be updated throughout MSD.

Meeting Minutes, Notes, & Actions

Meeting minutes with agenda and action items can be found here.

Risk Assessment and Growth Curves

Risks with associated causes, effects, and mitigation plans can be found here.

Risk assessments will be repeated throughout MSD.

Project Reviews

Project Reviews will be updated after Weeks 3, 6, 9, 12, and 15.

Peer Reviews

The team will perform peer reviews at the end of each review. This information will be shared with the guide.

Peer evaluation template can be found here.

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