P16702: ABVI fabric shredding process and facility design

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Currently, the Association for the Blind and Visually Impaired (ABVI) collects unsold textiles from Goodwill and sells them to other companies for revenue that goes directly to other ABVI projects and technology. This eliminates the possibility of generating additional revenue by processing the textiles in house, and then selling the newly shredded and sanitized material to companies for a higher revenue. Unfortunately, there is currently no facility or process in place where this is done.

The goals of this project are to increase the revenue stream of ABVI by developing a facility layout, a rework process, and logistical plan that would allow ABVI to rework textiles and sell them to other companies. The expected end result would be to have an accurate simulation model of the overall system, which would include a facility design, and would eventually turn into reality. Some key constraints are that the new process is monetarily efficient, meaning that it there is a high return on investment and short payback period. Also, the new design must fit the ethical model of the company, create as many new jobs for the visually impaired and other disabled persons as possible, and maintain a safe working environment.

A 1-page summary of the project can be found here.

Key Deliverables


Use Cases

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Customer Requirements (Needs)

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These needs were updated after customer interview with Joyel Bennett and Joe Kells (interview transcript) on 8/31/2015.

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Engineering Requirements (Metrics & Specifications)

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House of Quality

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Communication Plan

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Work Breakdown Structure

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Preliminary Schedule

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