P16702: ABVI fabric shredding process and facility design

Subsystem Build & Test

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Cost Breakdown

Because of the proprietary nature of the Cost Tool, it cannot be linked here. However, improvements are continuously happening to it and the tool is on its 9th revision. For the Subsystem Build & Test Design Review:

example costs
public/Photo Gallery/costtoolphase2.PNG


public/Photo Gallery/simulationphase2.PNG

Still Shot of Overall Simulation
public/Photo Gallery/simulationphase22.PNG

The simulation model (Revision 2) can be found here.
Note: Simio is required to view the model.

Facility Layout

Still Shot of Overall Layout
public/Photo Gallery/layoutphase2.PNG

The facility layout (Revision 1) can be found here.
Note: Microsoft Visio is required to view the model.


Risk Assessment

Related document: Risk Assessment

Subsystem Build & Test Review

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