P17001: Wearable Glove-Based Controller


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Computer interfaces are currently fairly cumbersome to use. A PC typically requires both hands and one's full focus on a separate digital monitor. Although it might be possible to type with one hand, the keyboard, mouse, and screen are not very portable. On the other hand, mobile phones are provide that portability, but still require one's full attention. Consequently, users are fairly distracted as they try to use their devices as they move around, leading to accidents and collisions. As a result, there is a need for a portable device to help reduce distraction without affecting the function of a computer peripheral.

A glove based controller is a wearable device worn on one's hand, that uses sensors to track the motions and/or positions of each finger to provide user input. This interface should be portable and protected in a durable, low-profile housing. In addition, this housing should not be too bulky or cumbersome to use, and should not interfere with the normal function of one's hands. This portable device serves to replace traditional interfaces by providing a simpler method for data input while allowing someone to focus on other tasks. The device should be easy to operate without too much focus, and should not distract the user from performing other tasks. Current technologies, such as the standard keyboard, require both hands to interact with dozens of different keys for input as well as to look at a screen, providing a great distraction. Prototypes of similar concepts have been largely unsuccessful due to size, weight, ergonomic, and power issues due to the technology available at the time. Additionally, prototypes offer a proof of concept without providing a safe, long-term, and durable product, as construction is expensive and time-consuming due to the mixing of fabrics and sensitive electronics.

The goals of this project are to create a proof of concept and demonstrate that a wearable device can conveniently match the speeds attained by traditional electronic interfaces without distracting the user. The final prototype should be lightweight, low-profile, durable, and easy-to-use. It also shouldn’t distract or interfere with the normal operation of one’s hands. Additionally, prototypes should easily lead to a viable product that can reasonably compete with today's interfaces in terms of price, durability, and convenience, as well as follow intellectual property law.

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Imagine RIT Description

Ever find yourself removed from your surroundings while using your mobile device? Are you slightly bothered by the number of times you've almost walked into something?

Let the WI change the way you interact with your world.

A device that slips onto your hand and wirelessly connects you to your mobile device, tablet, and maybe even your computer.

Gesture recognition. Finger flexion. Bluetooth enabled.

The WI.

Because "WI" not now?

Project Name
Glove Based Controller
Project Number
Project Family
Systems and Controls
Start Term
2161 (Fall 2016)
End Term
2165 (Spring 2017)
Faculty Guide
George Slack
Russell Phelps
Faculty Champion
Dan Phillips
Primary Customer
Willow Baker
Financial Support
RIT Senior Design (MERIT)
 Multidisciplinary Engineering @ RIT

Multidisciplinary Engineering @ RIT

Team Members

From left to right: Arshia Sasson, Nick Jakse, Nicole Sauter, Jaclyn Amann, Carolyn Krasniak, Emmanuel Aire

From left to right: Arshia Sasson, Nick Jakse, Nicole Sauter, Jaclyn Amann, Carolyn Krasniak, Emmanuel Aire

Member Major Role Contact
Nicole Sauter Industrial & Systems Engineering Project Manager nes3296@rit.edu
Arshia Sasson Electrical Engineering Purchasing & Materials axs5489@rit.edu
Nick Jakse Electrical Engineering Electrical Lead njj1683@rit.edu
Emmanuel Aire Electrical Engineering Communications, Multimedia Specialist ea8048@rit.edu
Carolyn Krasniak Biomedical Engineering Facilitator cmk4423@rit.edu
Jaclyn Amann Biomedical Engineering CAD Specialist jva4159@rit.edu

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Imagine RIT

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