P17005: Assistive Tablet Case

Integrated System Build & Test

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Team Vision for Integrated System Build & Test Phase

Summarize: Our team initially planned to test our design during this phase. However, due to delays, we focused instead on refining components for exhibit at Industrial Design Gallery Showing and Imagine RIT.

Functional Components Demo

Our team will be demonstrating individual functions separately. To ensure all necessary functions are being demonstrated, we will break them down as follows:

Status of Models and Prototypes

Due to our shifted goals, not all of our components have been integrated. Models have been updated and prototypes and demo models are in the works. Below are the team's latest Part Models and Physical Builds.

Models for Demo

Models for Demo

Above you can see models for the Tablet Case (top), Crossbar (left middle), Track Layout (bottom and right middle), Slider Assembly (bottom right and right middle), and Bead Pulley (lower middle).

Builds for Demo

Builds for Demo

This image shows the team's demo-ready Harness (top) and a near-ready prototype of the Slider Assembly (bottom).

Test Results Summary

Since no human subject testing was performed, we focused on creating assembly quality checks to have a specific measure of what is acceptable for display. These checks are available in the "Demo Components" tab of our "End of Semester Plan" spreadsheet available here.


Inputs & Source

- Revision of demo goals

- 3D models of parts

Outputs & Destination

- Assembly of parts

- New objectives and action items

Paper Status

Part of the final requirements for MSD is to write a full-length paper describing the project and the process we took to complete it. The paper outline has been created and the first rough draft has been submitted for review. Owner for this document is Christina, with editing help from Elizabeth.

Poster Status

One of the other things we will need for our demonstrations is a poster that adequately explains the purpose of the project. The team has discussed different points to put on the poster in order to reflect all of the background work that has been done that might not appear in one of the psychical demos. Poster layout is in the works, along with theme selection. Owner for this document is Mick, with technical input from Christina and Elizabeth.

Process Book Status

The process book is an Industrial Design requirement which visually walks through the entire project process, from research and conceptualization to building and testing. The process book has been a year-long work-in-progress. Owner for this document is Mick.

Risk and Problem Tracking

Risk Tracking

Risk Assessment

Risk Assessment


Problem Tracking

Problem Management

Problem Management


Functional Demo Materials

Functional Demo Objectives for Imagine RIT have been planned and can be found in our calendar document. We plan to have various interactive displays to show the different components and subsystems present in our design.

These displays will include the following:

Plans for next phase

Below is a section of the end-of-semester calendar. Most of our action items were set for early this week, with plenty of "wiggle room" before things are actually due to ensure we still have time when things inevitably fall behind schedule.

Snip of Calendar

Snip of Calendar

Important dates to note are:

Demo Components, Action Items and Schedule available at


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