P17005: Assistive Tablet Case

Planning & Execution

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Our small team of three people does not require much team management. It is fairly simple to arrange meetings and communicate what deliverables must be complete. We have a Facebook Group Message that is our primary mode of communication to ensure all team members receive messages and important links, though email is also used, especially when communicating with our guide.

Intellectual Property Considerations

At the end of this senior design project, the product may be appropriate for consideration for a patent. The main reason a patent may be considered for this product is for the ease of marketing and potentially selling the product to a major company who could better manufacture it and make it more readily available to those who need it. An alternative to selling the rights to the product may be to create a business around it.

Team Setup


Christina: Project Manager/Facilitator

- Involves direct communication with primary customer, existing knowledge of user base, and primary member responsible for test procedures and IRB paperwork.

Mick: Lead Designer

- Involves consideration of user profile and user experience, along with the emotive aspect of the device and primary aesthetics.

Elizabeth: Lead Engineer

- Involves mechanical analysis, risk assessment, and simulation of design, along with updating EDGE website.

Strengths and "Weaknesses"


- Strengths

  1. Knowledge of project and ASD
  2. Working with kids with ASD
  3. Prototyping/3D Printing experience
  4. Project development
  5. Organization
  6. Technical Drawings

- Improvement Areas

  1. Edge/programming
  2. Matlab
  3. Sketching Artistically

- Strengths

  1. Ideation
  2. Sketching
  3. Solidworks Modeling
  4. Form/proportion
  5. Ergonomics
  6. Project management
  7. Presentation
  8. Small copy
  9. User experience
  10. Graphic design

- Improvement Areas

  1. Spelling
  2. Presenting
  3. Working with kids
  4. ASD knowledge

- Strengths

  1. SolidWorks (modeling, drawings, simulation, motion study)
  2. 3D printing (owns 3D printer)
  3. Engineering sketches
  4. Some anatomy, biomechanics
  5. Materials / strengths, and similar calculations

- Improvement Areas

  1. Aesthetics
  2. Programming
  3. Remembering things

Team Values and Norms


  1. Being caught up on all requirements before class
  2. Regularly checking group messages
  3. Regularly being up to date on contributions of all team members
  4. Having open communication within group


  1. Open communication
  2. Meet outside of class once a week when necessary
  3. Team bonding - at least snacks (two times this semester)
    1. Get drinks as a team
  4. Knowledgeable of all work being done
  5. Communicate difficulties as soon as they appear
  6. Meet deliverables
  7. Go above and beyond when decided necessary by team by majority vote

Project Plans & Schedules

Overall, with the help of our guide, the main objectives and deliverables for this course have been outlined in the Pert chart below. By creating this organized document, each group member is aware of the main objectives of the course as a whole in addition to throughout each phase.

Overall Plan in Pert Chart

Overall Plan in Pert Chart

Below are the Project Plans for the team for phases 1 and 2. Since our team is so small, the tasks will be assigned on a rolling basis.

Project Plan from Phase 1

Project Plan from Phase 1

Project Plan from Phase 2

Project Plan from Phase 2

Risk Assessment and Growth Curves

Chart of Current Risk Evaluation

Chart of Current Risk Evaluation

Graph of Current Risk Evaluation

Graph of Current Risk Evaluation

Other Team Resources

Meeting Minutes, Notes, & Actions

Since our project works in a newer space, there will be many interviews of potential customers and professionals in the area. Access customer meeting minutes here and other consultation minutes here.

Peer Reviews

Peer reviews have been conducted for Phase 1 and cohesive results will be posted as they become available.


Team Communication

Customer Communication

Project Reviews

Design Review I

Design Review II

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