P17007: Motor-Assisted Wheelchair 2.0

Customer Handoff & Final Project Documentation

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Team Vision for Final Demo and Handoff

During this phase we plan to...

During this phase we accomplished to...

Updated Bill of Materials

The following image shows the amount our team spent this semester given our budget of $500.00. It also shows the total amount used in the production of our final device, which incorporates the cost of the materials used from P16007 such as the batteries, motor and gearbox. The ideal value was $1,500.00 with a marginal value of $3,000.00 so we are only slightly above the ideal value. Ideally this value would be less, but we had purchased extra material during the different phases.
P17007 Final Budget Numbers

P17007 Final Budget Numbers

Bill of Materials - Live Document

Test Results Summary

P17007 Test Results

P17007 Test Results

As it can be seen in the image above, all of our test results floated right around the ideal value set during MSD I. Ideally we would like to have the cost and weight of the device to decrease even more, but in comparison to P16007, the weight, size and wiring has been significantly reduced. Cost, weight, and size were our three biggest requirements we needed to meet and based on our results we believe these requirements have been met successfully.

Risk and Problem Tracking

P17007 Updated Risk Assessment

P17007 Updated Risk Assessment

Many of our risks have been eliminated based on the successful completion of our device as well as ensuring excellent electrical connections. The remaining risks mainly deal with some sharp edges on the device as well as the batteries dying or not holding a charge after a long period of use.

Risk Assessment - Live Document

Final Project Documentation

Final Poster

Final Performance vs Requirements

Final Single Slide Presentation

Final Creo files and schematics

Final Bill of Materials

Final Risk Assessment

Assembly Instructions

User Instructions

Service Manual

Recommendations for future work

Functional Demo Materials

Customer Handoff and Final Project Documentation Review Notes

Plans for Wrap-up

For the remainder of the semester we plan to...

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