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Customer Handoff & Final Project Documentation

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Team Vision for Final Demo and Handoff


During this phase the team planned to wrap up any lose ends with the project and prepare for the customer handoff. These goals were completed. Drawings, assembly instructions, and test plans were completed. The tech paper was also completed and Imagine RIT was a success.

Test Results Summary

Engineering Requirement Target Value Acceptable Threshold Customer Requirement Test Test Result Test Conclusion Expected Test Result
Speed (mph) 7 5 Increased Speed Speed Test 1.1 2.92 April 12, 2017 6
Speed on grass terrain (mph) 5 4 Ability to cover diverse terrain Speed Test 1.3 0.85 April 12, 2017 4.7
Speed on grade (access ramp) (mph) 4 3 3 Geared Hub Speed Test 1.2 1.50 April 12, 2017 3.4
Force to move (lbs) 15 20 Ability to cover diverse terrain Force Test 1.1 4 April 12, 2017 9
Weight of prototype (lbs) 50 70 Easy maintenance Scale 44 April 4, 2017
Prototype cost ($) 1200 1200 Reasonable Pricing Monitor budget for parts, monitor time for assembly 928.73 1100
Material cost ($) 900 1000 Reasonable Pricing Monitor budget for parts 339.17 800
Shift Deflection (deg) 5 10 Shift Simultaneously Deflection Test 1.1 Negligible April 12, 2017

Width testing was a success.

Risk and Problem Tracking

Risk Cause Effect Likelihood Severity Importance Action
Chair not done on time. Not enough slack time for setbacks. Lower grade 0 9 0 Have a detailed project plan with slack time.
Don't meet test results. Chair doesn't work as expected. Customer requirements are not met. 9 3 27 Suggest future work related to project.
Imagine RIT request denied. RIT either can't or won't give us space. A different exhibit will be needed. 0 1 0 Have alternate exhibit ideas.
Chair breaks. Too much force on the chair. Chair will have to be fixed, costing time and money. 1 9 9 Ensure design information adequate for future fixes.
Shifting does not work properly. Shifting test did not adequately reflect reality. Will not meet engineering requirement. 0 9 0 Test shifting and work on calibration until it works properly.
Gear hub breaks. Overuse and improper use. Chair will not function properly. 3 9 27 Fix or buy new, as needed.
Master link gets lost during testing. Too much stress on chain. Chain falls off. 0 3 0 Find lost link or buy new.
Wheelchair doesn't function properly for Imagine. Wheelchair breaks. People cannot demo chair. 0 6 0 Explain concept without demo.

Final Project Documentation

MSD I Presentations Project Definition Analysis Testing Design Documents Project Management Academic

Problem Definition

Systems Design

Preliminary Detailed Design

Detailed Design

Project Readiness Package

Customer Requirements

Engineering Requirements

Use Scenarios


House of Quality

System Decomposition

Width Feasibility Analysis

Cable Elongation Feasibility Analysis

Axle Shear Feasibility Analysis

Test Instructions

Test Matrix

Bill of Materials


CAD Files

Work Instructions

Operator's Manual

Project Plan


Problem Tracking


Tech Paper


Customer Review

Plans for Wrap-up

Person Contributions Thoughts on MSD Learnings
Ryan Worked on completing test trials and finishing the design/drawings. Also looked into different ways to improve the final design. Overall I think MSD focuses too much on the process and not enough on the actual design and building of the project. There is so much time put into thinking about what you are going to do instead of doing it. In our project it was obvious that if we moved forward with our design in the fall we would have found the problems that we ran into so much sooner. However, we sat and talked about the problems we thought we were going to have and none of those were an issue. The length of the chains needs to be thought out beforehand. This is because aligning two different types of gears with their counterparts on the same shaft is rather hard to do without separate tensioners. You can get one side properly tensioned but you cannot get the other.
Alexa Wrote tech paper and updated edge. MSD should allow students to develop a process and then review their own process at the end as opposed to try to force a one fit size all process that doesn't tend to fit. There will always be unforeseen problems no matter how well you analyse a system.
Collin Made Poster, Imagine paperwork, helped with Tech paper Better project placement for individuals would be great. More time building (hands on) and less time talking would allowed us to solve unforeseen problems Nothing goes as planned therefore you must work together to accomplish goals
Justin Final Budget, Test Plans and Test Matrix, Lightning Presentation. Problems will arise and you must always be ready to take them on. The devil is in the details. Although the MSD process is not the popular process, it is a process that helps stress that idea. That's an impression that will last throughout a career.
Curran Organized and updated edge, assembly instructions. The very general process required of us in some cases did not seem efficient for our project. EDGE feels antiquated, and subversion and markup seem like very niche yet time-consuming tools to require mechanical engineers to use. Overall the class was useful, I got some experiences that I hadn't encountered on co-op that may come up in the future. The value of experience in design situations involving more than a handful of components was apparent. It seems that, in situations like this where you don't have experience, reaching the fabrication and testing stages more quickly is beneficial.


Overall, the team had some issues with holding up to our values and norms.There were some issues with communication, timeliness, and accountability. However that being said we did get the job done and complete the overall goal of this assignment. Therefore we had a successful project.

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