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Drawings - Directory contents

19 tooth sproket holder.pdf display
adjustable_mount.PDF display
big sprocket mount.PDF display
deflection stopper.PDF display
deflection stopper.SLDDRW display
final assembly welds.PDF display
final assembly.PDF display
hand rail weld.PDF display
hand rail.PDF display
handrail shaft.PDF display
handrail shaft.SLDDRW display
handrim.PDF display
hub clamp.PDF display
left side main support.PDF display
left_tensioner welding drawings.PDF display
left_tensioner welding drawings.SLDDRW display
motor support mount.PDF display
right hand assembly.PDF display
right hand hub mount.pdf display
right hand support.pdf display
right side.PDF display
right support weld.PDF display
right_tensioner_weld.PDF display
right_tensioner_weld.SLDDRW display
sprocket mount with wheel shaft.PDF display
square nut slide.PDF display
tension_base.PDF display
tension_base.SLDDRW display
tension_beam.PDF display
tension_beam.SLDDRW display
tension_post1.PDF display
tension_post1.SLDDRW display
tension_post2.PDF display
tension_post2.SLDDRW display
tensioner.PDF display
tensioner.SLDDRW display
tensioner_block.PDF display
tensioner_block.SLDDRW display
through collar.PDF display
wheel axle.PDF display
wheel axle.SLDDRW display
wheel shaft.PDF display
wheel shaft.SLDDRW display
wheelchair hub.pdf display