P17010: GearChair

Detailed Design

Table of Contents

***Detailed Design PROGRESS REPORT***


Problem Tracking

Team Vision for Detailed Design Phase

Project Schedule

What we Planned to complete this phase:

Design details including all creo models and drawings, Test plans for final testing, Assembly Instructions, BOM, Proof design meets all ERs, SME approval,

What we Accomplished:

Assembled Wheelchair model and all major drawings, Test instructions, Assembly instructions for both sides and cable routing, SME approvals (analysis and prints), BOM,

Progress Report

For the Detailed Design:

We plan on finishing drawings, work instructions, and the final bill of materials.

***Detailed Design PROGRESS REPORT***

Prototyping, Engineering Analysis, Simulation

  1. We have testing, validation, and feasability analysis all done to verify out design.
  2. We obtained SME approval

Please refer to Final Detailed Design presentation and our Test plans in the folder below Detailed Design Documents

Drawings, Schematics, Flow Charts, Simulations

please refer to the drawings and simulations in the below folder

Detailed Design Documents

Bill of Material (BOM)

/public/Detailed Design Documents/BOM/

Test Plans

/public/Detailed Design Documents/Test plans/

Design and Flowcharts

/public/Detailed Design Documents/Model Snapshots and Drawings/

Risk Assessment

Design Review Materials

***Detailed Design PROGRESS REPORT***

Plans for next phase

Post-Mortem Self-Critique

Refer to report for all information not under headings. Report includes all necessary information and links.

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