P17010: GearChair

Integrated System Build & Test with Customer Demo

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Team Vision for System Level Demo with Customer


This phase our team planned to perform testing that would show that the wheelchair met all customer requirements. Testing was performed, and improvements to the chair were made, but the chair still does not meet customer requirements.

Test Results Summary

Engineering Requirement Target Value Acceptable Threshold Customer Requirement Test Test Result Test Conclusion Expected Test Result
Speed (mph) 7 5 Increased Speed Speed Test 1.1 2.92 April 12, 2017 6
Speed on grass terrain (mph) 5 4 Ability to cover diverse terrain Speed Test 1.3 0.85 April 12, 2017 4.7
Speed on grade (access ramp) (mph) 4 3 3 Geared Hub Speed Test 1.2 1.50 April 12, 2017 3.4
Force to move (lbs) 15 20 Ability to cover diverse terrain Force Test 1.1, Force Test 1.2 4 April 12, 2017 9
Weight of prototype (lbs) 50 70 Easy maintenance Scale 44 April 4, 2017
Prototype cost ($) 1200 1200 Reasonable Pricing Monitor budget for parts, monitor time for assembly 928.73 1100
Material cost ($) 900 1000 Reasonable Pricing Monitor budget for parts 339.17 800
Shift Deflection (deg) 5 10 Shift Simultaneously Deflection Test 1.1 Negligible April 12, 2017

Width testing was a success.

Risk and Problem Tracking

Risk Cause Effect Likelihood Severity Importance Action
Chair not done on time. Not enough slack time for setbacks. Lower grade 1 9 9 Have a detailed project plan with slack time.
Don't meet test results. Chair doesn't work as expected. Customer requirements are not met. 9 3 27 Allow time for retesting and rework.
Imagine RIT request denied. RIT either can't or won't give us space. A different exhibit will be needed. 0 1 0 Have alternate exhibit ideas.
Chair breaks. Too much force on the chair. Chair will have to be fixed, costing time and money. 3 9 27 Test Alexa in the chair first and try not to stress the chair.
Shifting does not work properly. Shifting test did not adequately reflect reality. Will not meet engineering requirement. 3 9 27 Test shifting and work on calibration until it works properly.
Gear hub breaks. Overuse and improper use. Chair will not function properly. 3 9 27 Fix or buy new, as needed.
Master link gets lost during testing. Too much stress on chain. Chain falls off. 3 3 9 Find lost link or buy new.
Wheelchair doesn't function properly for Imagine. Wheelchair breaks. People cannot demo chair. 6 6 36 Explain concept without demo.
Broken piece from left gear hub.

Broken piece from left gear hub.

Same piece after welding.

Same piece after welding.

Relevant Documents

Plans for next phase

For the next phase we plan to develop possible solutions/improvements for the chair that could be worked on by a future MSD teams.

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